42 of Her Tried & True Tips for BUSY Moms


So you’re a mom, maybe you have a precious newborn, maybe you are a seasoned mom with toddlers in tow, or maybe you have kids that are in grade school. No matter where you are in your stage of motherhood, tips and advice to make life a little easier is handy.  Here are 40 tried and true tips for your busy life and includes nine questions that moms are always asking.  

How can I make mornings go more smoothly?

1. Establish a morning routine.

2. Get up 30 minutes before your family.

3. Keep an emergency outfit, complete with accessories in the back of your closet. (This is for mornings you wake up late or your child spills something on you.)

4. The key is to keep it simple. If you have a morning routine, stick to it. Get up earlier, get your workout in, grab your cup of coffee, THEN go wake up the kids. If you have younger kids who cannot dress themselves, get YOU completely ready first.

5. Each week, keep a box of cereal bars and water in your vehicle for those mornings everyone seems to fall behind schedule.


How do I get out of the house on time?

1. Have your kids lay out their clothes the night before.

2. Set out breakfast, bowls, spoons, the night before. 

3. Have shoes and backpacks by the door.

4. Mean what you say, “I’m leaving in five minutes,” and promptly walk to the car. When your children are late, begin keeping time. Your child will serve “Hassle” time later for not being on time, your child will either do an extra chore or sit in a chair for those 8 minutes she kept you waiting.This will not only teach your kid’s about time management  it will also teach them you meant what you said and in the process there will be fewer mornings of running behind.


What can I do about work when my child is sick?

1. Plan with our spouse ahead of time about how to share this responsibility.

2. Share the day, each staying home with your child half of the day.

3.  Have a back up sitter that you can call on short notice, that will take sick kids.

4.  Save. Save up to 3 vacation days in case your child gets sick.

How do I let go of the guilt for being a working mom?

1. Get to the root of the problem. Why do you feel guilty? If it’s because of opinionated people like your mom, forget what they said. It isn’t their business even if they mean well. 

2. Find a solution that works for you and your family. Try working from home if the opportunity arises.

3. Don’t bring your work home with you, leave it at the office. Picture a coat rack on the way out of work, hang your coat on it as you walk about the door. This allows you to begin transitioning to the home scene.

4. Remember how blessed you are to have a job.

5. Remind yourself of the ’cause’ you work for.

6. Find a balance between being a career woman and mom, maybe try working 3 days a week, instead of 5.

7. Set aside time each day or week to spend quality time with each child. Consider doing an activity they enjoy, like beading necklaces.

 How do I make the evenings run more smoothly?

1. Create a weekly menu that is visible to everyone. Ask your husband to pitch in if he gets home before you.

2. Set items out to thaw the night before (this is where that menu comes in handy).

3. Create a routine and stick with it. Homework, Chores, Supper, Bath, Story time and Bed!

4. Have your children take some “room time”. Send them to their rooms for 10 to 15 minutes while you collect your thoughts. This helps them transition from daycare to home or from school to home.

How do I maintain a passionate relationship with my husband (after working or dealing with kids all day)?

1. Make time. Pencil time in the evenings with each other. We call it “face time,” where we chat about our day.

2. If you have little ones at home, its hard to even stay in the same bed, try having lunch dates. Either meet somewhere or back at home.

3. Text each other through out the day, ask how he is doing and that you are thinking of him.

4. Call. Call just to say hi!

5. Share chores. We talk the most when we are cleaning up the kitchen together.

6. Ask the neighbor girl over. We have a 13-year-old, she babysits for us in the evening so we can go for a walk or bike. Consider asking a responsible older child to babysit your kids after you’ve put them to bed to get out of the house for a little while.

How do I plan healthy and quick meals for my family?

1. Again, CREATE A WEEKLY MENU. This has saved me so much time over the years. If you don’t like planning exactly what you will have on Tuesday night, then pick out 5 potential meal ideas and have the ingredients on hand.

2. Cook ahead. Pick 3 to 4 casseroles that you can create ahead of time and freeze.

3. Meal Swap. Get together with a group of 4 to 8 gals and plan who will bring what meal on what night. This means you only have to cook once a week and won’t have to give a thought to what you will be eating the next night, because you know the meal is on its way.

4. Have a breakfast night. Easy simple and the kids love it.

5. Create a list of 30 to 40 crock pot recipes, soups and stews that your family likes.

How to I keep the house looking great after a long day of  work?

1. One task at a time. When you get home from work, focus on cleaning the sink and counters as you cook.

2. Clean It In 15! Involve your whole family to clean one area in 15 minutes. Assign each child a job and set the timer. Add some music to make it more fun.

3. Give each family member a set of chores they perform daily to keep the clutter to a minimum.


How to I keep myself from feeling STRESSED?

1. Exercise. Even a 10 minute brisk walk relieves stress. Add an exercise routine to your day. Consider purchasing a treadmill so you can walk or jog at home.

2. Take 5 to 10 minutes to yourself each day.

3. Drink plenty of water. It helps remove toxins from your body and prevents that ‘sluggish’ feeling.

4. Swap kids with a friend. Ask a friend to have a playdate at her house and take turns. This gives you break and keeps your kids occupied.



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