5 Tips to Maximize Her TINY Closet


I love fashion and am always looking for new pieces to add to my collection. I like earth tones and clothes that are tailored to fit my curves but not blatantly show them off.

But here’s my problem, I have to share an 8 foot closet with my husband. Oh and problem number 2: I’m a slob.

Heather Riggleman

Considering the fact I grew up in a ranching community on the border of Wyoming and South Dakota, it’s a miracle that I no longer think Ariats and Wranglers are the in thing. I think my aunt has a picture of me somewhere in my favorite pair of blue and white striped, high waisted wranglers…SO SAD.

 I love fashion and am always looking for new pieces to add to my collection. I like earth tones and clothes that are tailored to fit my curves but not blatantly show them off.

But here’s my problem, I have to share an 8 foot closet with my husband. Oh and problem number 2: I’m a slob.

As you can see I have some VERY cute shoes and they would probably last longer if I took the time to keep this area a bit cleaner. 😉

Okay, okay, enough of what’s in her closet, lets cut to the chase and give you some tips to look fabulous and organized.

The Go To E.R. Outfit

Put together two outfits that you can throw on during those mornings when you wake up with 5 minutes to get to work. Add the jeans, the belt and accessories if needed. I keep them all hung on one hanger. Here’s a quick sample of my E.R. outfit. I’m currently wearing the jeans and was in the process of getting dressed when I shot this. 

I love this shirt because the neckline is already accessorized.

2. Organization

I used to be the woman who organized her closet according to brand, style, short sleeve, long sleeve and finally color…then I had children. Find a system that works for you. Right now I organize by season, dress or non dressy,  and I keep all my tank tops on one hanger because I layer just about everything (larger chests requires layering so I’m not showing off the goods and yes, I keep mine strapped down).

3. Choose Your Uniform

If you know what looks great on your body, maximize that. My friend Gayle Whalen looks great all the time. She’s a runner and has a lean body.  Her choice of uniform is leggings and long shirts. All of her shoes, heels and flats look AMAZING. She keeps her clothes simple and spends the extra cash on accessories, scarves, belts, jewelry.

Personally, I wear skinny jeans and sweaters. Love. :-)

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4. Accessories, Accessories, Accessories

Don’t be afraid to try a new look, like feathered earrings. I was a bit sceptical of the look so I purchased a gray pair. They look great when I wear my hair down. Accessories can dress up or down any outfit. I want more jewelry but right now with little kids that seem to break everything, I’m saving my cash.

My pathetic collection of Jewelry. But on the bright side, my husband built this hanger for my stuff so I can see it and keep it all organized.


5. The Occupancy Rule

If you have a tiny closet like mine, it’s hard to keep things organized! It gets cluttered quickly. Take your fall and winter clothes and store them in another closet or tote until you’re ready for the season. Or use the occupancy rule. For every three items in your closet, two must be thrown out, (storage, donate or consignment, Refind is a great place for that!).  This gives you space, keeps your wardrobe looking fresh, and your sanity intact.  Plus you will have more room for fabulous finds after throwing out those ratty Tees and yesteryear’s half intact Halloween outfits. Who knows, it may give you the momentum to tackle other projects and look great doing it! 


What tips do you have for your wardrobe? Any fashion must haves? 

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  • Ann Snider

    I have to tell you I love your strategies! I think I will try it out! I try to have some go-to outfits for when I teach but this would be good for other times. BTW I loved your sparkly shoes last night!

    • Heather

      Thx Ann! My favorite tip that I’ve picked up over the years is having one or two go to outfits. It works so well. :-) Thanks for the compliment, I believe I got them at Target. :-)