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Her Memorial Day

Her Memorial Day

Written by Leah Peterson @ Cooksley's Clear Creek Farm Near the small community of Weissert, and across the road from our ranch, sits the tiny country plot of land known as “L...


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Her love of cattle...especially Shorthorns

Written by Leah Peterson @ Clear Creek Farm

June has arrived!

The weather is beautiful, and I suppose that is why it’s known by many as a month for weddings. It has been a popular choice for weddings in my family, including my Great-Grandparents, Frank and Hetty Haumont who…

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1924 Flood in Pleasanton

Written By:  Katherine @ Trails and Rails Museum
Vol. 13, No. 5
By June I. Hand
1924 flood looking south to bridge. “Pop” Giles standing near cream station
Since the days of its first settlement, Pleasanton has had its fair share of hardships. Officials of the Omaha Republican Valley Rail…

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100 Years of Twisters

100 Years of Twisters:
A Photo Journal of the 1908 and 2008 Tornadoes
Compiled by Katherine Wielechowski
Tornadoes ripped through Kearney, NE almost exactly 100 years apart, causing extensive damage to the properties and spirits of those who lived in the area.

            June 4, 1908 brought one tornado that would…

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What’s for dinner? Try a Cut of Beef!!

Written by Leah Peterson

Nebraska-the beef state.  It’s a slogan familiar to most consumers.  When we venture down the aisles in our favorite supermarket, we notice the efforts made to promote high quality, locally grown, beef.  A portion of every beef sale in Nebraska (called the Beef Check…

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"Springing" into calving season.

Editor’s Note:  Please welcome Leah Peterson!  She’ll be sharing her life living on a ranch in Northern Nebraska.

Written by Leah Peterson

Near the Headwaters of Clear Creek in Custer County, Nebraska, we make our home. Cooksley’s Clear Creek Farm was homesteaded in 1878 and has been…

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Wanted; Young wiry fellows willing to risk death daily

Editor’s Note:  We welcome Katherine and the Trails and Rails museum!  They will share bits and pieces of Nebraska history with us.  If you have a question for them please let us know!  They will try to find the answer for you.
Letter, Telephone, E-mail:
A Brief History…

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