Classic Cars Showcased in Kearney

Written by Andrea Kelley

This pretty car is a 1937 Ford.

When you are photographing cars at a car show, sometimes the circumstances are not always ideal. In this case, there was an orange 1970’s model car sitting right beside it. I decided to go back on a different day, and reshoot the picture. I was careful to try to take it again from the exact same spot where I previously had shot the first photo.  Then I worked a little Photoshop magic and removed the Ford from the first photo and placed it into the new photo and it looked great.

This photo was quite a challenge to create, but this is one now one of my top favorite car photos.

This 1953 Buick Special I discovered parked in downtown Kearney during Cruise Nite weekend.  I liked this Buick because the tooth-like grill is so distinct. I experimented a little bit in Photoshop because I wanted the background to look more like there was movement behind the car. I thought it turned out to be a fun photo.

Both of these prints are currently on display at the Classic Car Collection museum in Kearney, Nebraska.

Photographs by Andrea Kelley

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Andrea Kelley

Andrea Kelley is a fine art photographer living in Kearney, Nebraska. She specialized in taking photos of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes.

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