Coffee at Home with Her

Written by Leslie Means

Hi guys. 

This week was a sad one for me.  I know I’ve mentioned this a few times but it’s just so hard for me to wrap my mind around the accident in my hometown. 


I’ll share more next week in my column.  I feel so bad for everyone involved.

On a much, MUCH brighter note, I got something really fun in the mail this week.

Jenna is the author of one of my favorite blogs, Eat Live Run.  As cheesy as this sounds, (and I realize sometimes I am full of cheese and sap) this total stranger who lives so many miles away, is an inspiration to me.  She is a few years younger and lives near the ocean – (nowhere near a cornfield – ha!) and writes about food!

For some reason her writing connected with me.  I didn’t get into the “blog” world (even though a former co-worker TRIED to get me into it) until I left my television career in late 2010 to spend more time with my girls.  Honestly, I thought this website stuff was just for stay at home moms.

I was wrong.

When I left TV, I missed the interaction from viewers so much.  When I found Jenna’s blog through a PBS tweet (of all things!) I was hooked.  I saw how she interacted with her readers and knew that was something I wanted to do again. 

So I got more serious with my own blog and my writing and now here we are. 

In a way, I can thank Jenna for helping me fulfill one of my childhood goals – writing for a magazine.  Kind of.  In the early ’90s, I didn’t realize anything would be “online” but you get my point. 

See – told you it would be cheesy and sappy and all that good stuff.

At any rate, she wrote her first book and it’s been fun to read about the excitement of her first book signing and all that jazz.  I still get geeked up anytime anyone reads/buys/comments on my Ella B. Bella books, so I kinda get it. 

I started reading her book last night and I already know I’m going to love it.  I kinda think she would fit right in on the gorgeous prairies of Nebraska.  At any rate, you should check out her site!  

A few more random thoughts:

1.  I got out my fall boots and was able to drink pumpkin spice coffee this week.  Yesssssssssss!

2.  I really, REALLY can’t wait to launch our new “look.”  Coming this October!!

3.  I also really, really, really love how this crazy website is like my favorite thing ever.  Next to my family and friends, of course.  I was talking to an old co-worker today and when she asked how I was doing all I knew to say was, “I’m happier than ever.”  It’s true.  I am.

4.  Speaking of old co-workers, Monday is the 5th anniversary of NTV’s Good Life.  Rumor has it my dear friend Peggy and I will be hitting the air waves once again to make fools of ourselves in a cameo appearance.  I can’t wait.

5.  Finally, my parents just celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.  Say what?!  That’s just crazy talk.  I love these two.  I’ve asked mom to write up a few tips on how to stay married that long.  I will share soon!  :)


Happy Weekend Everyone!!


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Leslie Means

Leslie is a former news anchor, published children’s book author, weekly columnist, co-founder of Her View From Home.com and has several published short stories as well.

She is married to a very patient man. Together they have two pretty fantastic little girls ages 6 and 4.

When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. There’s also a 75% chance at any given time, you’ll spot her in the aisles at Target.

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