Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

04 Nov, 2012 at 7:00 am | Written by: Betty Streff

Written by Betty Streff

Every cloud has a silver lining”, my mother used to quip, followed by teenage eyes rolling.  I have found the truth in this more times than I can count and don’t we hate to admit mom was right?

Early this year my well-paid job became a budget cut. What?!! I’d worked hard with determination and focus and I tried in every way to live a WWJD life, to love and support my employees.  It took me weeks to remove the dagger from my wounded heart.  Once I accepted this reality, some “new doors opened” as we are often reminded during times like that in our life. So sweet, right?  Spare me.

I was hurting.  Little did I know this was to be my road to Damascus.

For years, my life had been on the fringe of out-of-control. I believed I had no discretionary time.  I longed to be part of a Bible Study group but circumstances kept me from carving out the time from my insane schedule.  Then with one painful conversation, my days became uncluttered as an empty warehouse.  I now begin to restock the shelves of my soul with what matters most and is central to true joy, fulfillment and the “abundant life” He has promised us.

One of these things is a Bible Study group that meets weekly at 6:30 AM, a time that is unlikely to create a conflict in whatever my new work calls me to do.  What a gift!  It has been a time of falling head over heels in love with the word of God. I burn with intensity, and I am hungry to learn all I can about Scripture and I try to apply its eternal wisdom to my every day life.  I love those women and adore Beth Moore, author of our current study, the book of James.

God, in all his infinite wisdom and mercy is calling me to go deeper in my faith.  Focus less on the external and more on the eternal.  “Stuff” never satisfies. Trust Him more.  Let Him show me what He has planned for me, let go of my ego.  It’s one of the hardest things I have ever done.  With each day I see how my loss is turning in to a win when I put God first.  Those doors? They are opening.  You  were right.  Wait, do you know my mother?

God created us in His own image and placed in our heart the hunger to know Him and spend time with him.  Don’t wait for a smack down like I did.

Make space in your messy and over committed life to connect with the One who made you. When your God-anchor is firmly in place, your life’s ship will be deeply moored in the safe harbor of His perfect love.


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  1. Traci
    November 04, 2012

    Love you Betty and as ALWAYS I enjoy every word you write!!! Thank you for being such a blessing in my life and for always being there to share your wisdom and love! XOXO


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