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Feature Writer of the Week – jamesAnn Photography

Featured Writer of the Week - jamesAnn Photography
Written by Her View From Home

jamieTell me a little about yourself.

My Instagram bio says- Lover of photography, dogs, tattoos, doughnuts, Liz Lemon and Lincoln, NE – which just about sums it up! 
Really though, I am Jamie Steckelberg Scott, owner and photographer behind jamesAnn Photography L.L.C, and mom of two beautiful kiddos, Mara (8) and Preston (3), and two pups, Gertie and Elsa.  I am also the Director of Spiritual Development and Worship Arts at Saint Paul United Methodist Church in Lincoln, NE.  In my spare time I can usually be found creating some sort of mess with my kids, or studying for my Masters of Arts in Counseling degree. 

Tell us a bit about your business? 

jamesAnn Photography was founded because of my deep  love of the arts and of people.

I love working with families to create beautiful pieces of art that capture the spirit and personality of who they are.  It is such an honor to be asked to be included in such wonderful and meaningful moments in people’s lives. 

Who/what inspired you to get started?

I have been loving photography for as long as I can remember.  My dad and I have talked cameras and darkrooms and technique since I was a little girl.  The idea of preserving memories and pieces of time forever is such a beautiful gift.  Giving families the opportunity to relive, revisit, and hold on to important moments in time is, to me, priceless.   

What are some of your favorite sites on the ‘net?

Instagram is so much fun!  One of my favorite photographers, Annie Leibowitz, says – The best camera is the one you have with you.  Instagram is proof of that! All those moments captured! is another one of my favorite Go-To websites.  I flippin LOVE dogs. Love. Love. Love. Dogs.  And Pack is an amazing little social networking sight of dogs and their people.  It’s basically Instagram for dogs and I love it.  (Shameless plug here, I’m even the curator of the German Wiredhaired Pointer Pack… so come check us out!)

What does a typical day look like for you? (Ha – what’s typical!)

I’m not sure there IS such a thing as a typical day for the Scott family! Ha!  MOST days I go to work at Saint Paul for the majority of the day, and a few times a week head to the studio for a session or two.  Then after work/school evenings are spent with the kiddos and their various activities, and once they are down for the night my husband, Jeff, and I usually watch a show or movie together, and because I am an EXTREME night owl, I stay up well into the night editing photos working on blog posts and client orders! 

 What advice do you have for someone who wants to blog or start their own business?

EDUCATE, EDUCATE, EDUCATE.  Mostly yourself, but others too.  Learn your craft.  Love your craft. Become an expert, and learn to visit the sites/pages/blogs/whatever of others who do what you do only with an observational lens, not a comparative one! Be YOU be your voice, be your style.  Do you, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.  It may take longer to find your own groove, but once you do, you will be happier and more in love with what you are doing than you could imagine. 

 How can people follow you?
Instagram – @jamesannphoto
Facebook –

*Note* Jamie also provides numerous feature photos for Her View From Home.  We thank her times a million!!

Featured Writer of the Week - jamesAnn Photography

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