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Written by Chelsie Bebensee


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A Few of Her Favorite Things

By Chelsie Bebensee @ Divas Floral Shop and Boutique

The Christmas season is in full swing at my shop and I couldn’t be happier. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year as a florist because I get celebrate the season with vibrant colors, the fresh scent of Christmas greenery and my favorite accent — bling! As always we like to do things a little different around our shop and Christmas arrangements are no exception. Here’s a look at some of my favorite things this season.

1. Long-Lasting Centerpieces

I love creating Christmas centerpieces that my customers can enjoy throughout the entire season. This centerpiece will last several weeks. The secret? This centerpiece is made with fresh Christmas greens in Oasis foam but no actual flowers. The color in this arrangement comes from the addition of Christmas ornaments and golden artificial leaves. You can even incorporate a few artificial poinsettias for extra color. These types of centerpieces give you the best of both worlds — the fresh scent of real greens and the longevity of artificial flowers. With proper watering, these arrangements will last well into the new year.


2. Frosted roses

A dozen rose arrangement is always a popular choice, even during the holidays. To make this arrangement more festive, we’ve added Christmas greenery as the base and accented the roses using floral paint and glitter. First, we spray the rose with a little bit of floral paint (for this arrangement I used the same color as the rose). Then, we sprinkle a little bit of glitter in a bowl and dip the head of the rose into the glitter while the paint is still wet. Once the paint drys, the glitter sticks to the petals. The result is a festive, “frosted” dozen roses.


3. “Branching” out

I like the look of extending a centerpiece with branches. In this arrangement, curly willow branches are added to elongate the centerpiece. The result is added volume to the arrangement, without the added bulk. Loops of silver glitter branches also add interest to the piece. I also love the way the brightness of the lime green fuji mums add a contemporary “spark” to a traditional arrangement. This centerpiece is finished with a band of festive ribbon accented by one of my favorite accents, “diamond” stick-on gems. (Tip: You can find these gems in the scrapbooking section of your favorite craft store. Use these gems to add interest to any plain vase or container.)


4. Color mix up

Red and green arrangements are fun, but what about incorporating other colors? Why not use the colors of your tree and other decorations and incorporate them into your Christmas centerpiece? One of our popular color combinations right now in the shop is lime green and purple. This is a fun combination that adds some whimsy to a Christmas arrangement. Here we’ve combined green fuji mums, purple stock, purple astroemeria and Christmas greens in a festive silver and glitter vase. It makes a perfect centerpiece for any party.

5. Groupings

A new trend in floral centerpieces is the idea of grouping two or three similar containers together to create a single centerpiece. Here we’ve used to sizes of clear vases and incorporated the same types of flowers to give the grouping a cohesive look. One of my favorite vase decorating treatments is creating “flowers” out of decorative wire. These wire flowers are created by simply wrapping small-gauged decorative wire several times around your three middle fingers. When the desired amount has been wound around your fingers, slip the wire off and pinch the middle of the loop. Then, take another piece of wire and wrap it several times around the middle where the loop has been pinched. Next, spread out the loops into a round flower shape. Attach it to the vase using more wire and you have a fun alternative vase decoration.

6. Fresh wreaths

I love the look (and smell!) of a fresh wreath on my front door. When you start with a plain base, the decorations you add are as endless as your imagination. In the shop we’ve added anything from shiny ribbon to burlap to Christmas ornaments and pods. Here we added some seeded eucalyptus painted silver with silver ribbon and dried lotus pods. Much like Christmas greens in arrangements, this wreath will last for most of the winter.


7. Unusual containers

I love using something a little bit different for a container. This arrangement is built  in a container that looks like a Christmas ornament. With a few flowers, greenery and sparkly accents this arrangement is sure to brighten someone’s holiday. I like lidded containers like this because they can be reused year after year, either as a container for another centerpiece or a dish for candy or cookies.

This is a small look at the fun things happening around the shop this year. The possibilities are endless!


I also wanted to offer some advice on keeping your Christmas arrangments fresh:

* Make sure your arrangement has plenty of clean water. Whether in a vase or built in foam, without a clean water source your flowers will not be as long lasting. Christmas greenery often produces a sap when cut which can cloud the water and make flowers wilt sooner. If the arrangement is built in a vase, be sure to change the water every other day and recut the stems at least an inch before placing them back in the water. If the arrangement is built in foam, be sure that there is a water reservoir for the foam to soak up from. The flowers and greenery draw water from the foam. Once the foam drys out, it loses its ability to draw up water and the flowers wilt because they have nothing to drink from.

* Always wrap your flowers in plants when transporting them outside in freezing weather. Cold temperatures will turn flowers and plants black with frost-bite faster than you might think so be sure to cover them with a plastic bag before taking them outside when the weather is below 32 degrees Fehrenheit. Plants (especially poinsettias) should be wrapped if the weather is below 40 degrees Fehrenheit.

* Keep poinsettias and Christmas arrangements out of the reach of children and pets. For pets especially, the evergreens and poinsettias can be severely toxic. Ingesting leaves or stems of poinsettia plants can cause mild tummy aches, vomiting or diarrhea, but are rarely severe. Still, it’s a good idea to put them up in places where tiny hands (or paws) can’t reach.

Follow these tips and enjoy your holiday arrangements for weeks to come.

About the author

Chelsie Bebensee

Chelsie Bebensee is from Kearney, NE. She attended the University of Nebraska Kearney and received a bachelor's degree in Journalism with a news editorial emphasis. She and her husband Casey have been married since 2006 and she is the mom of Miss Olivia, a lively, loving two-year-old.

Growing up in a creative family, Chelsie got the bug for arts and crafts at an early age. As a child she competed in sewing, baking and other creative categories in 4-H and some of her favorite memories are of spending evenings working on craft projects with her mom.

Chelsie has been a florist for ten years and has enjoyed every minute of it. She has won many awards through the Nebraska Florists Society including membership into the Nebraska Academy of Floral Designers, a select group of Nebraska florists. She has attended numerous workshops around the state and completed a wedding design course at the Teleflora Education Center in Oklahoma City.

Chelsie and two of her best friends, Stacy Schulte and Megan Axmann, recently opened a new floral shop in Kearney, NE called Divas Floral Shop and Boutique. The trio specialize in providing personalized, artistic arrangements for everyday events, corporate parties, funerals and weddings. Along with trendy floral arrangements, Divas Floral Shop and Boutique also carries fun fashion purses, scarves and jewelry as well as unique home decor items. The Divas also spend time creating fun home decor and accessory products inspired by Pinterest and their own imaginations.

In her spare time, Chelsie enjoys feeding her Pinterest addiction and creating fun crafts with her daughter Olivia. She also enjoys reading, shopping and trying out new recipes with her family.