Help! She has a temper, the kind that unhinges doors.


Tori-Grace has a temper. And no, its not the kind which looks cute on her four-year-old little face. Its the kind of temper that has my husband and I praying the teen years are easier than her pre-school years.

Its the kind of erupting temper that sends everyone within the vicinity running for cover. In fact, it makes me wonder where she even gets it. As a kid, I was determined and strong-willed but I don’t think I had a temper.

But don’t quote me on this, I’m sure my mom would say something different. Especially since I punched a boy in the face  in 7th grade.

I had a good reason. No, really! He had been picking on my special needs brother unmercifully during track practice.  My mom wasn’t too thrilled because the next morning she had to take me in for x-rays.

My temper resulted in a hairline fracture in my wrist. 

So when I came home to Tori’s door missing, her pony stick in the garage and the laundry strewn across the living room floor, I knew whatever my husband had to tell me wasn’t going to be pretty.

Tori sassed her daddy and was sent to her room. Instead of accepting her time out, she slammed her door and slammed it again and again. After warning, Chris took it off the hinges. So Tori became unhinged.

She stomped out of her bedroom with her pony stick, raising it like a baseball bat shouting, “Give me back my door and I will hit you.”

Chris replied, “If you make that choice, your pony is mine.”

Her face turning redder by the second, she looks at her daddy and states, “Its worth it,” before smacking Chris in the legs. Instantly her “mug stick,” was confiscated  and Chris swatted her tushie. Seemingly defeated, “Temper-Tori” stomped back to her room when she eyed the laundry bucket.

And this my friends is where I truly wonder what the teen years will be like. She picked up the bucket, dumped out the laundry before chucking clear across the living room as it skidded to a stop in front of her daddy. With a “Humph,” tilting her head high and crossing her arms, Tori went to her room to begin her time out.

Tell me friends, where does this come from? Although we had a feeling she would be different the moment she exhaled her first scream seconds after her birth, as if to say, “How dare you take me out of my cozy room.” We never thought her personality would include a volcanic temper.

When we do get through the teen years, I know I will have a strong daughter who stands her ground…but for now we’ll work through her temper one bucket or pony stick at a time. 

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