Her Must Haves When She’s On The Go

Tis the season, book signings, speaking events, MOPS, and  chauffeuring my three children all over town. If you see a bronze suburban headed your way, watch out–it’s probably me and I’m probably late. 

A must have! Lots of space!!!!

In this season of running here are a few things I like to have on hand while driving all over timbuktu.

Humor with Anita Renfroe 

SO Funny and true. My favorite video is her version of target=”_blank”>Taylor Swift’s “Love Story.”

Nook books

My husband is right, I wouldn't survive without electricity.....

While I’m waiting for one of my kids to get into the burb (suburban), I have all my fav magazines, newspapers, and at my finger tips. Plus a few APPS for my youngest to play games when she’s driving me bonkers with The Itsy Bitsy Spider song. :-)

Music (GOOD music)

One shot of Daughtry….:-)

Daughtry, Christy Nockels, the Go Fish Guys, Seventh Day Slumber, Skillet, Taylor Swift and JJ Heller are current guests in my burb at the moment.


I know this one is a bit strange, but I do keep a necklace or bracelet on hand to polish my outfits when I’m on the run, sometimes I can’t run home to change when I need a more professional look.

Sleeping Mask

Hey! This is essential for any chick who wants to look and feel fabulous the next day and believe me when you are on the run, sleep is critical. Ask my husband what “Don’t poke the bear” means when I don’t get enough sleep. But here is the problem, I like my room to be dark like a bat cave when I sleep, Chris likes the window to be wide open and the shades pulled back.

So this baby is a must have.


Nail Polish

Right now I have acrylics. I love them. I have silver tips which go with everything (thanks Liz Swanson!) but my toes are a different story. I keep a bottle of my favorite shade in the console and whip it out when I have 10 minutes to beautify myself. Sometimes, even Tori’s nails are painted too. My current favorite color, Tough Taupe by Sally Hansen. :-) A fun lavender gray.

Lip Gloss

My lips are always, ALWAYS, always getting chapped and I drink plenty of H-2-0. So lip gloss is always a must have, even when I’m going for a run, I at least have Blistex Balm with me.

Current trends bright pinks and reds :-)


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Heather Riggleman

Heather Riggleman co-founded Her View From Home before blazing a new trail of her own to inspire and support moms outside church walls. She is an over caffeinated mom of three kids, (ages 14, 7, 5) & married to her high school sweetheart. She blogs about her mishaps in the kitchen, switching to clean eating, raising children with special needs and talking about real women, real faith and real life.
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  • Ann Snider

    I love your list. I feel like some days I live in my car. I carry bottled water and some afterschool snacks so if I need to do an errand or two with the kids I don’t find myself in the “happy hour” line at Sonic trying to bride my kids to be good while I do an errand.

    I also carry a towel and some spray cleaner and wipes. Sometimes if I am just sitting in the car “waiting” for someone, I can wipe down the dash or steering wheel or ….

  • Kelly Maeser

    I love the idea of keeping jewelry in your car or purse just in case.

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Thanks, it helps me dress up any outfit. :-)