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Written by Jen Sill

 Written By:  Jen Sill

Over the past couple weeks my kids have been outside playing most of the time.  It is great, but believe me when I tell you they get D.I.R.T.Y.!!  Wow.  So, this week I decided to do some things to make bathtime a little more fun and get the kiddos clean between the toes and behind the ears.

This project can be broken down in a couple different parts if you like.

1. Ivory Cloud

2. Fluffy Bath Paint

3. Bath Crayons


1. Ivory Cloud

Everything starts with this project.  And it is WAY easy and WAY fun.


Ivory Soap (must use Ivory.  Other soaps don’t work.)


Unwrap soap from package and let float in water for at least 10 seconds.
Place in microwave.  Heat for 2 minutes.  Watch it grow into a cloud.
*Note: Our microwave was small.  It worked well for us to cut the bar of soap in half and heat each half for about a minute.  But if we found any soap that was still in bar form, we could stick it back in and heat it back up.

Bonus: Your house smells GREAT when you’re finished.

 Here are some pictures of our fun:


The next two projects give you something to DO with all that fluffy soap!  They are very similar.  The only difference is the amount of water you use.

2. Bath Paints

1 cup of soap flakes from Ivory Cloud
1/2 Cup of boiling water
Food Coloring
Zip Lock Bags


Mix soap and water in a mixer (by hand doesn’t get the consistancy you want.)  When the mix looks kind of like yogurt, pour into ziplock bags.  Add a couple drops of food color.  Mix in the bag.  These will keep in the fridge for a couple days.  You may need to add more hot water if you leave them too long.

When you are ready for bath, cut a hole in the end of the bag.  “Paint” like you would frost a cake.  They can also use the colors as finger paint.

3. Bath Crayons

**Quick update:  I would not recommend this project.  The crayon part doesn’t work well.  The crayons break and get mushy.**


1 Tablespoon Soap Flakes from your Ivory Cloud Project
1 Teaspoon of Hot Water
Food Coloring


Mix all ingredients in a bowl until you get a paste.
Roll the paste first into a ball and then into a ‘snake’ or crayon shape.
Let dry
Color in your bathtub!

**I’ll be posting bath shots tomorrow.  We made this yesterday, but didn’t take baths last night because of fireworks!!  :)

"Bath Paint" waiting for bath time "Bath Crayons" waiting for bath time


The crayons are a little crumbly.  We’re used to the Crayola ones.  These are fun one-timers.


Here are a few other examples and the links to my Pinspiration sites:

This will be great for my one-year-old.  I think my 3-year old will love it, too!


Link for Fluffy Bath Paint (And the Ivory Cloud)

Link for Bath Crayons

Each week I try to do one project with my kids from Pinterest.  I like to give you all an idea of how it turns out for an average mom and her two small childen.  If you have an account, follow any of the HVFH founders and Her View From Home.  (Jennifer Sill, Heather Riggleman and Leslie Means).

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