Her Time for Baby Giveaway!

Written by Leslie Means

To kick-off our launch we’d love to offer our readers a chance to win a $250.00 prize from Time for Baby!

To enter, simply leave a comment on this post.  Let us know what you’re most excited about on Her View From Home!  If you like Time for Baby on Facebook, you’ll get a double entry!!

Contest ends at 5:00 p.m. on Friday, April 27th.

Hmm…what would you buy with $250 bucks to Time for Baby!  I would buy one of these (or maybe several) FOR SURE!

I KNOW!  Crazy cute diaper bags.  I’m not even joking – I would use these now as a regular bag/purse. 

Good Luck – and THANK YOU for being here!



About the author

Leslie Means

Leslie is a former news anchor, published children’s book author, weekly columnist, co-founder of Her View From Home.com and has several published short stories as well.

She is married to a very patient man. Together they have two pretty fantastic little girls ages 6 and 4.

When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. There’s also a 75% chance at any given time, you’ll spot her in the aisles at Target.

Find more details about her children’s books at ellabbella.com

  • http://[email protected] Trista

    Woo Hoo! Sign me up! I am so excited about Her View From Home. I think it is just what so many Nebraska women have been looking for. Looking forward to meeting you all tonight at the Launch in Kearney!

    I liked and shared you on FB!


    • Sonja

      Looking forward to more from this site! “Liked” on fb as well! : )

    • Angie

      Hey gals, What a great site. Her view From Home is going to be a hit. I would have loved this when I was raising my 4 boys. But do find it will still be fun and Inspiring. I will be telling my 2 daughter-in-laws about you and get them involved. Thanks for sharing and being so honest and willing to share. I’m a grandma now and hope to keep up with you all & able to use things I learn from you gals. Best of Luck in this venture.

      Angie K.

      • Angie

        I liked you on FB, too.

    • Drew Carbaugh

      I am still navagating the website but I am looking forward to reading the articles and blogs posted :)

      • Lenay Palser

        What a fun and great site! I would be ever so grateful to win. Thanks a bunch!

    • Breanna

      Looking forward to fun recipes and ideas to use around the house!

    • Megan Branstiter

      This sounds like an awesome site…I always search for things like this due to being a stay at home mom of two girls and twin baby girls on the way! I always enjoyed watching Leslie and Peggy on NTVs Good Life and I have truly missed them! So excited to follow this site! I liked and shared you on facebook as well! Good luck ladies! :)

      • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

        Thanks Megan!!

  • amyf

    I’m looking forward to more information about local stuff, since I’m relatively new to the area. Good luck today ladies!!

    • [email protected]

      I am so excited to learn from other mommas in Nebraska and hear stories of determination and life changes. I thank God for you!

      • [email protected]

        I also left a message and shared on FB.

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Thx Amy, if you ever have suggestions let us know! :-)

  • http://www.myinitials-inc.com/amandaogden Amanda

    I am looking forward to reading your site daily…
    I have liked and shared on Facebook multiple times!

  • chelsbick

    I’m excited about HVFH. I’ll be a new mom on November and counting on this site for encouragement! :)

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Hi Chels! So excited for you and Lee, CONGRATS again! And thanks for stopping by! Share this with your friends will ya?

  • Jen.mostek

    I’m excited to have one website where I can get everything instead of one for recipies, one for local events, one for parenting advice. You have it all right here! I liked you guys on facebook weeks ago, Thanks!

  • manman77

    Wonderful new site! Can’t wait for all the information.

  • edakan

    Love it and I look foward to reading more!

  • http://aliisajuiceplus.com Aliisa

    Great site, ladies!

  • kelseyt

    So excited for this site! Looking forward to reading it often!

    • kelseyt

      I also liked this on facebook! :)

  • jneks

    Excited to see what you guys will do with this! Have had fun reading a few of your articles so far! Enjoyed watching Leslie on t.v. and enjoyed teaching Cheyenne at FCS! I would LOVE to win the Time for Baby gift certificate, so I can give it to my god-daughter. Her mom is a teacher and her dad is also a teacher, but unemployed…and currently staying home with their daughter, Ella! He is hoping to get a teaching job soon – so that his wife can become the stay home parent. I stayed home with my girls and know that living on one income is not easy! This is why I’d LOVE for them to have the gift certificate to get whatever their little Ella needs at Time for Baby! Awesome store – awesome website – awesome giveaway! THANK you very much for offering it! :) Good luck on your new venture! – Jolene

    • jneks

      I liked you on FB, too! :)

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Jolene, Thank you for your encouraging words. Im so glad that you have enjoyed teaching Chy. Some days its like pulling teeth to get her to do her homework. :-) You’re name has been entered into the drawing. The more you share on FB and tells us about your shares, we can enter your name in again for the drawing. :-) Take a look around and tell us what you like!

  • kwelch91

    Looking forward to being encouraged by you ladies every day! I shared on my facebook page also :)

  • Erin

    Excited to explore your site!

  • annamissy

    Wow 600 Likes in Facebook already,looks like you have a good start. Looking forward to utilizing this web site. Thanks for all the work to get it up and going. I have liked you on facebook as well.

  • Dani

    Already liked you on FB and happily shared you too :) I am excited to have this site up and running. It’s going to be great to have a sight all for Nebraska women :) Thank you!

  • drcfob

    Looking forward to whatever information you might be sharing to help simpify my life! Also, shared on facebook. :-)

  • Mommyof5

    I’m really excited for recipes! I live in Iowa now, but I’m a Nebraskan at heart and I can’t wait to stay in touch with all those things I’m missing. :)

  • Mommyof5

    Oh, and I liked and shared on facebook!

  • mneiog

    Great articles and website! Look forward to reading more and LOVE the calendar idea!

  • mneiog

    Also, Liked on Facebook!

  • edakan

    I shared on FB too!!

  • lmeaddvm

    YEA!! So excited to finally see what you’ve been working on for so long – so proud of you sister! I’m looking forward to seeing your talent grow :) Love you!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Love you too! Thank you!! :)

  • SarahS

    Great Site and can’t wait to
    I liked and shared on FB:)

  • Ashley

    Love the website! Good work ladies!

  • CindyN

    If my number gets picked, I’ll donate the gift to Crossroads since I don’t have a baby in the house anymore! Like on FB too.

  • Kelly Dossett

    So exited for you ladies!! I have enjoyed reading Leslie’s blog for awhile and recently started following Heather’s blog, too. Very talented bunch!

  • amy

    Congratulations on your launch! I’m excited to visit your site daily! I’m making it one of my “favorites” :-)

  • Mindy

    Love reading about all experiences of Motherhood.

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Im right there with you Mindy! Thanks for stopping by~

  • http://Website Angel

    Nice to see the progress with HVFH! Some great local sponsors, great layout of relevant information, nice forum for sharing! Nice work ladies!

  • http://herviewfromhome.com Lisa H

    Congratulations! I am most excited about “Her View From Home” because it seems to be a place where women are sharing all aspects of their lives to help others live their best life. Laughing, loving and experiencing life surrounded by family and friends.

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Thanks Lisa!!

  • Jo DUbbs

    so excited to read what you all have to say. Have been following the teasers about the start-up right along and really enjoy all of you. Good Job!!!!!!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      thank you!!

  • Denese S.

    I’m new to this website, but I happened across Kissing The Frog and the article took my breath away. I can’t imagine the heartbreak that that mom went through and how eloquently she wrote about her memories…. Wow! I can’t wait to read more Kissing The Frog stories.

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Denese, Her posts are very powerful! Bring me to tears! Thank you for finding our site! ~Leslie

  • Denese S.

    I also “liked” you on Facebook, I was #613 (I think). :)

  • Kate

    Love the site! Great job!! (I liked it on Facebook too!) :)

  • Breann H.

    I am excited to that this is in my community, and better yet that Miss Heather is in my MOPS group :). Looking forward to getting to know the other gals too!

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Awww Bre, you are SO SO sweet! Thank you, I hope to make y’all proud~!

  • Sara

    Love it! Great job on the site ladies!

  • Dawn Salyer

    I’m excited about this website and of course the giveaway!

  • Alisha Cudaback

    I’m looking forward to reading the articles.

  • Ann Snider

    leaving my comment on how much fun this website this is! Time for Baby…boy could I use that gift certificate!

  • Ann Snider

    Shared the page on FB! Have been loving the daily change up’s! Makes it all fun to read!

  • Mary H

    So excited to follow your website,there’s no place like Nebraska!!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      yeah!! We agree, Mary! Thanks for the comment!

  • http://Website Marcia

    So good to see a site for us Mommy’s get support from other Mommy’s in the area!!

  • Jess M

    I love the website and can’t wait to keep browsing through it!

  • Rachele

    LOVE the site!!! It will be such a great momma resource for me!

  • Glenda

    Am looking forward to check the infor on you site.

  • Jennie Nollette

    I love this site!! What a great thing for rural Nebraska!

  • Gabrielle

    I’m really excited learning more about this, I’ve loved reading the testemonies so far about the women who have chosen their family’s over their careers.

  • Sarah

    just excited to see what the ladies have to show us. Its great to see a dream come true!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Thanks Sarah!!

  • Connie Gregoski

    Super excited to read all of the advice and stories from fellow Nebraska girls like me! Thanks for doing this!

  • Christie Jones

    I love Time For Baby! Sgn me up- I have likes and shared your page.

  • michelle morris

    W hat a great site! So excited! Also liked and shared on fb!

  • http://Stayclassy.typepad.com Lauren

    The site looks great, and you’re off to such an impressive start! I’m excited to follow your success!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Thanks Lauren!!! ~Leslie

  • Jen S

    I think her view from home is a wonderful way for women and Nebraskans to connect with life in our state and each other. We’ll done and I can’t wait to see it grow! I will make sure to share this on facenook with my friends as well.

  • http://Stayclassy.typepad.com Lauren

    Oh, and I just liked you on Facebook too!

  • Amy Consbruck

    Yeah! I love this store! I would love to go on a little shopping spree:) also am lovibg her view from home:)

  • Carey W.

    This is a wonderful site! I look forward to exploring it even more! Thanks Ladies!

  • http://HerViewFromHome Patty Mattison

    I love it! And if I get a Grand Baby soon, I will definetly shop there & could use the $250.00 Prize Money! Love You Jenny!!!

    • Jennie

      So nice to hear from you!!!
      Are you expecting a grandbaby soon?

  • Katheryn

    I’m so excited to finally have a website devoted to women in rural areas, especially Nebraska. I love couponing and trying new recipes, but it’s so hard to try to follow blogs from other areas, because we don’t have everything they do and they don’t have everything we do. I’m excited to check out your blog!!! THANK YOU!!!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Yea!!! We feel the same way! There isn’t anything for rural areas – so we decided to change that. So excited about all of our feature writers and everyone who helps make this site a success! Thank YOU!! ~Leslie

  • Karen Shultz

    I’m absolutely THRILLED for this new site! We know Leslie vicariously through her husband and other friends, and from reading about the other gals, this is going to be a stunning trio! I love the Christian foundation and positive outlook that is presented. We have needed a grounded, sensible site like this for ages that represents “The Good Life”, the women of our region and their interests!

    I also know MANY of your sponsors/advertisers/supporters and you have done a tremendous job of choosing people with strong ethics, business sense and caring hearts to partner with and have as contributors. Starting right here with Shauna with your first ‘official’ giveaway!

    Thank you girls and best of everything! God bless!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Karen – thank you for such kind words! We are thrilled and can’t wait to show off Central and Western Nebraska to the rest of the world!! ~Leslie

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Karen, thanks for the comment, I’m excited to show the rest of the nation what good home grown values grounded in God looks like. Thanks and stop by often! :-)

  • Meghan Marlow

    I love the site! Can not wait to get great ideas. I am a stay at home mom and this site is just what I need.

  • Kelli Holl

    So Excited for you guys in your new adventure. Your passion is contagious!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Thank you Kelli!! Your support means so much to us!!

  • Wendi Hadley

    Very excited about your new website and all it offers! I like you on Facebook as well :)

  • http://adventuresinallthingsfood.blogspot.com/ Andrea Kruse

    I am looking forward to decorating and nursery ideas! Liked you on Facebook as well.

  • cassy

    I am interested in the whole site! Thanks for starting this.

  • Keeley

    Expecting #2 in June and I’m loving the ideas you have for nursery!
    —Also, Liked on facebook.!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Keeley – Isn’t the nursery SO cute! I’ll be sure to pass onto Michelle! She has fantastic decorating ideas!! ~Leslie

  • Tina Doerr

    I am also expecting #2 in October and I am super stoked about all the recipe ideas and nursery ideas!! Being a stay at home mom this website also is amazing because if I just need some time to myself during Madilyn’s nap time I can just get on a read some articles about things that I love!! God, cooking, and so much more!! Thanks Gals!! :)

  • Crystal Pfeil

    Congratulations on the site!! I love it already and am looking forward to what’s to come!!

  • Stacie Heldt

    Congratulations on the new path! I have enjoyed browsing through your site and look forward to more good stuff!

  • Kasey McBride

    Im so excited that even though I will be moving I still will be able to have a connection to Nebraska. Its always great to be able to see how the view from Nebraska is.

    • Kasey McBride

      I “liked” and shared on Facebook.

  • Joanna Chesterman

    So excited to see this great idea blossom and grow!!! You all are passionate about all aspects of your lives from work to family, thank you for sharing that passion with others and being wonderful role models for all of us working Mom’s!! Good luck to you all on this new adventure!!! By the way, I just shared you on my fb page!!

  • Kim Schmidt

    I am very excited for your site and look forward to reading new posts and articles! It’s great to hear about other women, experiences and advice! Oh and I posted a commented on your facebook as I have already “like” your page!

  • Ellie Schroeder

    My baby is due June 10th and very excited to be entering the “mommy world”. I think this website will be very helpful

  • Tracy Kelliher

    I went from 1 1/2 demanding jobs to part time job and full time mother of 2- and two on the way. I like that this site encourages both motherhood while still supporting the career minded individuals.

  • Jeanne Ogden

    Love what I’ve seen on the website so far. Not had a chance to read much but looks like there is a lot of good stuff all in one place. Very excited to read more but for now I go to share you on FB.

  • Colleen Schukei

    love you guys! I told you yesterday- you’re my new home page– perfect way to start my day! And Leslie- you are so unbelievably cute in that red hat!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Yeah! Thank You, Colleen!! :)

  • Charline Robinson

    What an awesome giveaway! Time For Baby is my favorite store in town! I came across HVFH a few weeks ago and love it! Eventhough i have lived in Kearney for awhile, you all seem to highlight places or events that i didn’t realized Kearney had to offer! Thanks for such a great site! Like i said, I had already “Liked” HVFM on Facebook!

  • Sara

    I find myself coming to your site almost daily. The stories that you post on facebook capture my interest. Congrats on a great website!

  • Jeanine

    Excited about Her Sanity!! and all the new daily stories to read–I’ve already lauged and cried — thanks ladies!!

  • Dana Killough

    I discovered your website a couple days ago and am loving it! I don’t have small children at home anymore, but being mom to three and having a daycare in my home for 16 years before returning to the outside working world, I can certainly relate to your values and the trials and tribulations I have read so far. I liked you on facebook and will share your information freely. Keep up the good work!

  • Glenda Shaw

    Love the View. Always something going on. Great info!

  • Chelsea Bickerstaff

    LOVE this site! Thanks for all your hard work to get this up and going!

  • DeAnn Shubert

    Thank You Ladies for developing a website that is so down to earth for us Mom’s, young and old!! I am a mom of 5, ranging in age from 20 to 2. I love all the stories you share of lfe. Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!

  • Brooke Huxoll

    I am most excited about the recipes and the Christian aspect of the Her Faith column.
    I think this will be an amazing way for women to bond!! I have already “liked” you on facebook
    As well!!

  • Kelly Maeser

    Her Family and Her Sanity are the two things I’m most looking forward to, although I’ve enjoyed all the articles up so far! Great job with the site ladies!

  • Steph Pettit

    I am excited to see what local mommies are doing. I am just now starting the cloth diaper business with my youngest and am excited to know more about what other moms are doing in the area.

  • Erin

    My entry for the Time for Baby contest!

    I absolutely LOVE HVFH! Thanks for the stories, articles, etc. :)

  • Leslie J

    LOVE Time for Baby and LOVE HVFH! Go girls!

  • http://mzulkoski.blogspot.com Misty

    Wow ladies. You are so inspiring! I think this is so great! So many thing covered, so many ways to relate, so many ideas, such inspiration (as I said before!). Thanks! (liked on fb too!)

  • molly

    Love time for baby they are a great group of women! Sign me up for the grand prize!

  • Jen C.

    Love the site!!! Cant wait to do some shopping!!

  • Deanne Birkestrand

    I love this site and will spread the word to all of my friends! So excited for the contest, too

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    Looks fantastic! Looking forward to the blogs from local people! Love Time for Baby as well!

  • Jenny V

    I am looking forward to getting parenting advice and seeing what’s going on in the community. :) I also liked you on FB!!!

  • Sarena

    Love the site! So glad you get the opportunity to stay at home and do what you love to do! Life is short, we all need to be happy and doing what we love!

    Sarena Talarico
    Mary Kay Senior Consultant

  • Lisa Neuheisel

    Such an awesome contest. This website is gorgeous. Exciting to have a site for our community! Can’t wait to see where this goes!!

  • Natasha SUkup

    I am so excited! I could really use this to add to my diaper stash!

  • Ashley

    Love it! Great website for this community! :)

  • Alison Ficociello

    Happy to support local entrepreneurs and business women! Hard to find a product like this geared toward the non-city dweller. Also liked you on fb and already a fan of TfB!

  • Bethany

    Congrats on you website! I have enjoyed the many articles that are already posted on here! You will be a blessing to so many women not only in Nebraska, but in other parts of the country as well! Thanks for your transparency on everyday life topics. It is such a blessing to know that other women struggle with the same issues! Thanks for your encouragement and tips :)

  • Leslie

    Count me in. I would love a gift certificate to time for baby! I have #2 due in October.

  • Alexa

    I am loving your site. Thanks for bing so open in everything! Cannot wait to keep reading everyday! :)

  • Christina Nelms

    Interested to hear about local resources.

  • Mary Hock

    You gals are doing a great job! I’m a gramma that enjoys shopping for the grandchildren! I’ve been following your posts each day, and I love reading your emails. They’re so informative and well written! I was especially touched by the writing about the babies.

  • Wyndi Burkey

    Great website ladies! Really enjoying all the articles from fellow mamas! Looking forward to so many more.

  • Brenna

    I love hearing the perspective that other mamas have on day to day life. Local makes it even better! It makes me feel like I am not alone, buried here in Nebraska. I can’t wait to see how your site grows!

  • Mommyof5

    I like Time for Baby on facebook!
    (Rachel Manley)

  • Erin

    Love the site ladies! Read it daily!!! Thank you!

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  • Alissa

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  • Karen.

    I think this is a terrific concept with good potential. Glad you’ve got it off the ground.

  • Jana

    I am so excited for this website, i have been following Leslie since she was on the Good Life, started her own blog and now HVFH. I am a new mom and to be able to have all the advice about struggles and challenges and how to overcome some obsticles will be great. Thanks for bringing this site to me. I am looking forward to following and reading all the articles. :)

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Thanks Jana!! So glad you’ve stayed with me through it all! It’s fun to stay in touch with people who still remember the good life days. I felt like those “strangers” were friends – and LOVE forming new friendships on this site! 😉 Leslie

  • Amanda

    Congratulations on getting Her View From Home up and started (and taking off!) This is my first time on the site so I’m excited to explore everything about it! Hoping to win some money for my pregnant best friend! :)

  • Adrienne

    We love Time for Baby!!! I am also loving HVFH! Great job ladies keep up the awesomeness:)

  • Jeanne

    Liked on FB

  • Jeanne

    shared on FB Love your site and shared it on my page and with my Mops group.

  • Jeanne

    Found many great and helpfull things to read so far. Though Kearney is not where I live I am from there and would love a shopping trip to Time for baby. Thanks all for your work on helpfull and inspiring posts.

  • kiara iske

    Did all the different ways to enter and then was very pleasantly surprised by what else I found! This is something great for the area! You gals are SO creative to do this! Nebraskan Mommies everywhere can benefit!! :)

  • Taylar Armes

    I went in the store before I knew I was having a boy, so I didn’t buy anything. But now that I know, I’m definitely going back!

  • Amber

    I have really enjoyed reading Leslie’s articles in the Kearney Hub as well as watching her when she was on NTV’s the Good Life. Now I look forward to following all the mom’s now on here!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Thanks so much Amber!!

  • Cherie Herredsberg

    I love that there is a mom who is working outside the home and writing on this website. You read a lot of blogs online from mom’s working from home and it’s nice to hear from a mom working outside the home. There a lot of us out there and we need the online mom support too! Thanks.

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Cherie – THANK YOU!! That’s the goal – to have a good mixture for all of us. 😉

  • Beth Fink

    Being new to the Kearney area and about to be a new mom this will be a great website for me to contact with other women about what is hot around Kearney in fashion, style, baby, etc. So excited for the site.

  • Crystal

    LOVE the site!!! It’s nice to have an outlet for moms you can relate to. Keep up the AWESOME work and the GREAT articles:-)

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    I like Time For Baby on FB!

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    VVery excited to see this little one. We can’t wait for its arrival in June.

  • Becky Mundorf

    Love this site!! What great info for ALL women in the area. I especially like the calendar, I will be planning a date night asap!

  • Katie McClemens

    What a great idea HVFH is! I love reading the experiences and lessons learned by other women and moms… We can certainly all use a little insight and perspective in our sometimes-too-busy lives.

  • katie mlady

    So cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • christa

    Time for baby is a great store. They have the cutest stuff!