Holiday Hot Chocolate 6 Ways

19 Dec, 2013 at 8:30 pm | Written by: Leslie

If you’re in Nebraska chances are there is snow on the ground at your home.  And when there’s snow on the ground you need to drink hot chocolate. 

It’s a rule.

I have already talked about my favorite recipe.  Personally I think this one can’t be beat.  Check out mom’s hot chocolate here.  Want to change it up a bit?  Throw in a peppermint or two.  Want to add a little spice after the kids have gone to bed, the fireplace is roaring and you’re wrapping gifts with the hubster?

Add alcohol.  Peppermint Vodka anyone?

I’ve searched the web for 5 more hot chocolate recipes I want to try.  I will be sipping on this drink throughout the festive week to come!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Dark Hot Chocolate ~ Martha Stewart

Hot Chocolate with Caramel and Cinnamon

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Mocha Cocoa Mix

Classic Hot Chocolate


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