Holiday Hot Chocolate 6 Ways

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Written by Leslie Means

If you’re in Nebraska chances are there is snow on the ground at your home.  And when there’s snow on the ground you need to drink hot chocolate. 

It’s a rule.

I have already talked about my favorite recipe.  Personally I think this one can’t be beat.  Check out mom’s hot chocolate here.  Want to change it up a bit?  Throw in a peppermint or two.  Want to add a little spice after the kids have gone to bed, the fireplace is roaring and you’re wrapping gifts with the hubster?

Add alcohol.  Peppermint Vodka anyone?

I’ve searched the web for 5 more hot chocolate recipes I want to try.  I will be sipping on this drink throughout the festive week to come!  Happy Holidays everyone!

Dark Hot Chocolate ~ Martha Stewart

Hot Chocolate with Caramel and Cinnamon

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Mocha Cocoa Mix

Classic Hot Chocolate


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