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Instant Never Tastes as Good as Real

Written by Betty Streff

One of the most powerful parables of Jesus is from Matthew 13:31 where he advises that “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, nothing shall be impossible to you.” That’s good, because sometimes a little speck is about all we can muster. I think we all go through spells when it seems like one big chute in our game of life chutes and ladders, and we skate close to the brink of emotional cave-in.

Faith, by definition, is the trust or conviction in something without logical or tangible proof. It is the name we give our belief in God. We all have, at certain times, felt like He is just not noticing our hurt. The times when prayers seem unanswered are very painful and exactly when we need to exercise a strategy we have almost forgotten; patience, steadfastness, waiting. We have gotten very bad at waiting for anything.

In our world of instant access to answers in the palm of our hand and real-time live coverage of events on the opposite side of the world, we grow impatient when our texts aren’t answered immediately and hop from one foot to the other waiting for microwave popcorn. We have become addicted to speed in every area of our lives. Instant anything is seldom the best (think coffee and mashed potatoes- ewww) and the results are usually not satisfying or lasting.

God is with us even when we can’t feel Him. It somehow made me feel much better to read that even St. Theresa felt that God was distant at times in her holy life but she kept right on praying and working on her seemingly insurmountable task. We all have examples in our own lives of ancestors and friends that hung on and somehow made it through situations that seemed hopeless. We often don’t have to look very far. God does not promise that our life will always be easy but He does promise that no matter what, He is always with us in our journey.

It may seem to some that camping on this promise, if we can pony up with just a little bit of faith, God will take it from there and add everything else needed. I don’t know about you, but when we are told, “with God, all things are possible”, I don’t know what that leaves out, and that is good enough for me.

One of the best quotes I have heard lately is “faith is like electricity, you can’t see it but you can see the light”. And I would add, you can feel the warmth. When we have cold, dark days in our life, this is sometimes all we need, just a little light, a little warmth and we can press on knowing that He is always with us.

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About the author

Betty Streff

Betty Streff began her career as a customer service representative for a large corporation in Omaha. Four years later she found herself to be a farm wife in a small rural community with limited opportunities for women. After a humbling self assessment, she listed her assets as talents for sketching, sewing, and the natural ability to strike up conversations with complete strangers. Using these and her optimistic nature, she began stitching up some bibs and pillows for a craft show, who wouldn't?

Over the next 25 years she became a serial entrepreneur obsessed with studying faith, spirituality, leadership, motivation, and management as she developed her businesses. Betty has spent the last few years working in corporate America in the hospitality and manufacturing world and she continues to immerse herself in the study of what makes people tick.

The explosive growth in the relatively recent science of positive psychology fascinates her. Betty devours everything she can find on the subject and is especially intrigued with people who thrive no matter the circumstances and in discovering ways that happiness and optimism can be learned. She is currently exploring ways of sharing and cultivating the exciting possibilities with both individuals and businesses.

She and her husband Steve have been married 45 years and are blessed with 2 incredible daughters, 2 fantastic sons-in-law and 6 amazing grandchildren.