Is He Enough For Her?


 Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9. 

     Life moves along at a steady pace until you’re blind sided from an email, phone call, or a huge mess that your child managed to make. I was mindlessly singing words to a beautiful worship reminding me that Jesus is all that I need when I was caught completely off guard by an unexpected turn of events. 

     I say mindlessly because my thoughts were not on God. 

     I say mindlessly because my focus was on the pain. 

     I say mindless because in the moment, He wasn’t enough for me. The weight and richness of the lyrics (God’s truth) had not connected with my heart, so when that particular email arrived, I was literally in pain; instead the moment should have been curbed with the meaning of the song, “Jesus, you’re enough for me, you’ll get me through this moment.

     If I had been listening, I would have heard His voice, realizing He is all that I needed, He is enough for me and for that moment. We profess to be Christians, to love God, and love those who really aren’t that lovable; doing it all in honor of Him because He is supposed to be enough for us. He is supposed to supply all that we need…Really? Do we really mean those words?

     Okay, hang in there with me for a second! I’ll get to the point I promise. Here’s a snapshot of what ‘enough’ looks like: 

     My husband is getting ready to board a tiny puddle jumper corporate air plane. You know, the kind that end up in the headlines, where it crashes and there are no survivors? Can I smooch him with confidence knowing that Jesus is enough to get me through if the unthinkable happens. Will He be all I need?

     My daughter struggles with all things Aspergers and next year I’ll be feeding her to the loin’s den called Middle School. Will Jesus be enough to help me guide her through the terrain of mean girls, gym teachers, and drama? 

     My son has been struggling with being still, staying focused, on top of being bullied and left out by a group of boys. Has Jesus been ‘enough’, all that he and I both need to get through the situation? 

     Besides getting picked on, he has been under going evaluations to rule out sensory disorders and ADHD, the process has been on going since November of last year. As I sit back, realizing the full weight of the words I was mindlessly singing, was Jesus enough for me? Did I allow Him to be my breath of life in these last few months where I haven’t been able to breathe?

     In that one moment when I read the hurtful news, I was more focused on the wound, instead of looking to Jesus and saying, “I feel hurt, attacked, and alone, but Jesus, You’re more than enough for me.”

    These moments have only been a snap shot of my life journey lately, and apparently life will be filled with more twists and turns. The only way to settle my heart is to make a decision once and for all. No matter what life throws at me: say it, declare it, focus on it, and stand on it.

     Jesus is enough.

All of You is more than enough for

All of me for every thirst and every need

You satisfy me with Your love

And all I have in You is more than enough

You are my supply, my breath of life

Still more awesome than I know

You are my reward, worth living for

Still more awesome than I know

You’re my sacrifice of greatest price

Still more awesome than I know

You’re the coming King, You are everything

Still more awesome than I know

More than all I want, more than all I need 

You are more than enough for me

More than all I know, more than all I can see

About the author

Heather Riggleman

Heather Riggleman co-founded Her View From Home before blazing a new trail of her own to inspire and support moms outside church walls. She is an over caffeinated mom of three kids, (ages 14, 7, 5) & married to her high school sweetheart. She blogs about her mishaps in the kitchen, switching to clean eating, raising children with special needs and talking about real women, real faith and real life.
Heather's articles have been featured in Today's Christian Woman, MOPS International, Proverbs 31 and Focus on the Family.
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  • Stephanie Shott

    Heather ~ I love your transparency and I love the fact that you share that Jesus truly is enough for our biggest struggles, our grandest fears and our deepest burdens. And doing life without Him? Well, it leaves us without peace in the midst of the madness of this life. I’m SO thankful He is enough!

  • Aliisa

    So true!! Thanks for the encouragement, Heather! I, too, struggle with this. When the rubber hits the road where does our trust ly?

  • Angela Mackey

    What a great reminder that Jesus is more than all we need…He is more than enough!

  • Jami

    Great post Heather! So true and a great reminder that when things get tough it’s so important to keep our focus on Him! I love your posts they are a great reminder how we need to keep our lives grounded with a good foundation of faith in order to keep our lives balanced as women and as mothers! God can give us that!

    • Heather

      Hi Jami, Aliisa, Stephanie and Angela,
      Thank you for your comments. It’s so tough to remember that our foundation, our faith, our spirits all rest on God, in Jesus. Posts like this one are personal experiences where I am reminded how simple and weak I am, but God is strong. Thank you! Look forward to chatting with you ladies more. :-)

  • Michele

    Thank you so much for such a great post, it’s so true! It’s also great reminder that I need to not just say this when things are going o.k but to remember it and believe it even when things are not going the way I planned on it. Keep us the great posts!

  • Tamara

    Thank u, I love how u express yourself.

  • Lynn Mosher

    Heather, such encouraging words, words of faith. We do need to keep our focus on Jesus and He is enough. I’m so sorry for the things you are experiencing. Saying a prayer for you!

    • http://heatherriggleman heather riggleman

      Thank you for the kind words. Life is actually good, my son is doing well and so is my daughter. I’m thankful for these tumultuous moments. How else would I realize that Im not focused on my relationship? How else would we learn to help and celebrate the differences in my kids. As I always like to say (even though in some cases, I get knocked flat on my rear), “Bring it on.”
      Have a great morning!

  • Marlene


  • Jillian

    Heather, my heart strings were definitely strung reading this. Im a mother of 2 and I dread the day of feeding my babies to the lions den of a chaotic, mean world and fear for them greatly. Thankfully, we can trust and pray for wisdom and discernment everyday and believe HE is enough to guide us through every situation. Thank you for posting, I look forward to next weeks post! PS I love that song!!

  • Heather

    Jillian, kudos to you with two babes at home. It’s hard to trust and not worry isn’t it? I love all the comments! My hope is that we can start a conversation, offer advice, and support each other in our comments. Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  • Abbey


  • Monica

    As much as I try to remind my daughter to trust God, pray to Him when she’s scared, or thank Him for what have has….it’s hard to remember to do it myself. Thanks for the reminder :)