Leslie’s Story

Hi guys.  My name is Leslie Means.  I’m the co-founder of this ole’ site – Her View From Home.  I’m a mama of two little girls, wife to a handsome man, storyteller, children’s book author, columnist, former TV anchor/host, little sister, marketing director, cat owner and a Nebraska farm girl. 

For nearly three years, this was my profile picture.

It’s my attempt at fancy.  I like to look fancy at times, but let’s be real.  Life isn’t always fancy.  This is how I normally look.


I wear a lot of sweatpants. 

Four of us started this site in April of 2012. 

walking away

Now it’s just me + our fantastic VP of Marketing Miss Jacey (bio coming soon!) and a whole lot of supportive writers and readers out in the internet world.    You can read about how I’m the last one standing.  You can read Jen’s goodbye and Heather’s goodbye, too. 

Peggy dropped before launch day.

But it’s important to mention them all because they helped form a vision that is Her View From Home. 

Here’s the gist of how we got started:      

A group of past TV folk + authors got together to dream up a plan to create a place for women to share stories.  We won a business plan competition from the University of Nebraska – Kearney which helped make our dream a reality.  Three years passed and I’m the only one crazy enough to hold on to this dream.

And here’s why.

I get to wake up each day EXCITED to log on and see the beautiful strangers in this world commenting and liking, reading and sharing posts from Her View From Home.  How cool is that?  To me, it’s just pretty incredible. 

Thanks a million (really, a million) for reading us each day!  You guys make my life grand.

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