Let’s get wild with her frozen green concoction!

Written by Leslie Means

I know what you’re thinking.  Or what you will be thinking as soon as you read this ‘recipe.’

Um, Leslie?   So yea – this isn’t really a recipe post.  And, yeah, all you did was cut up a couple green things, popped them in the freezer and then popped them into a glass of water.

I know. It looks like I’m being lazy. 

Maybe this post is so simple because my girls are on their 4th episode (in a row) of Caillou (their current babysitter) and I justneedtofinishthisandgetawayfromthecomputer!!!!

Or maybe, just maybe I really think this is useful (albeit obvious) information.

Or maybe it’s a combination of both.  Yes.  That’s it.  It’s a combination of both.

Today is “Her Sanity” day on Her View From Home.  To me that means drinks and short cuts.  Both make me happy. 

ahem.  I don’t ALWAYS take short cuts.  Only if they seem like a good idea and this, my friends is a good idea.

Amanda (one of our wonderful feature writers) from At The Red Table featured this obvious and fantastic tip a few days ago.  Simply slice cucumbers and lemons, throw them in your freezer and then put them in your water.

Yea.  It seems obvious.

But if it was SO obvious, why didn’t I mention it a couple weeks ago when I featured 3 ways to drink a cucumber?! 

Because I didn’t think of it – that’s why.  And I’m pretty sure there’s at least one person out there like me who didn’t think of it either.

Right?  Please?  Tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t realize this?  At any rate, that’s all there is to it.  Freeze a few things and throw them in your drink.  I got really crazy and threw in a few sliced limes right along side those cucumbers.

It’s quite delightful!  It’s also a way to get rid of my massive load of cucs.

Here are a few other favorite frozen fruit drinks/concoctions from some of my favorite sites.  A couple of these have alcohol in them cause it’s thirsty Thursday and I needed to highlight at least one adult beverage this evening.

Happy Thirsty Thursday Friends!

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 Infuse your Water – At the Red Table

Frozen Mago Lassis – Eat Live Run

Cucumber Watermelon Martinis

Cherry Sherbet

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  • Amanda at the red table

    It never fails — every summer I find myself with a bunch of cucumbers and can’t eat them fast enough, and then I remember — duh! put them in my water! It’s the simple things… :)

  • Leslie

    Ha – yes! So simple! Thanks, Amanda for the reminder!! :)