Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Ticket Giveaway – winner!

Written by Leslie Means

Update:  Our winner is:  Heidi Ann Bentley

Heidi – please e-mail me your mailing address!  I will get the tickets to you!  [email protected]

Congrats!!  And be sure to check out of fresh holiday centerpiece giveaway go on right now!


This is so perfect.

When I think of Christmas music – I think of Mannheim Steamroller – and they are coming to Kearney!  Even better – we have two tickets to give away!

Here’s how you can win!

1.  Leave a comment at the end of this post.  Tell us what you are most excited for this holiday season!

2.  Hit the “like” button on this post.  (Be sure to tell us you liked it!).

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We will choose our winner this Friday!

Click here for more details about this show!


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  • alawstudentsjourney

    I’m so excited to be able to return home to visit my family over winter break! I’d love to take my dad to this!

  • alawstudentsjourney

    Liked the post!

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    Looking forward to spending time with my family.
    I liked this post.
    I am already a subscriber!

  • Toni

    I Liked this post and already receive the newsletter. This would be amazing – my mother-in-law loves them! I am most excited to spend time with family.

  • Jennifer

    I am most excited to celebrate my niece’s first Christmas. She is 8 months old and my only niece!

  • Katie

    I’m most excited to spend time with my family this holiday season. I liked this post and I am already signed up for the newsletter!

  • Amanda O.

    I can’t wait to see the awe in my 19-month old’s eyes…and to see my 9 year old jump for joy when he gets a gift that he has wanted for a few years.

  • Amanda O.

    I liked this on facebook. :)

  • Amanda O.

    I subscribe to the newsletter :)

  • Mary Hock

    I’m excited to be going to Phoenix to spend the holidays with my family members there.

  • Kiley

    I’m most excited (like I am every year) to see the look on my kids’ faces when they wake up on Christmas Day and see the presents from Santa! :). I also liked this post.

  • http://www.facebook.com/barbara.clark.395017 Barbara Clark

    I am excited to be able to celebrate the birth of Jesus for yet another year.

  • http://Facebook Deb Gibbs

    I am most excited about spending time with family. I liked this and subscribed to your newsletter.

  • Sue Margritz

    We are excited to have our son and new daughter in law coming home from Memphis. Haven’t seen them since they moved there in August. Having our daughter home is great also! Love this website by the way!

  • http://www.creationsinnebraska.blogspot.com Gail S.

    I am excited to see my 5 month old grandbaby from Denver this Christmas. I also “liked” this. I also heard it was your birthday today!!

  • Jane Holmes

    I am most excited for my niece from Philadelphia and my nephew in the Air Force to be home for Christmas. I liked this on Facebook and I am a subscriber.

  • Janell Shelton

    I am am excited to be with family during this holiday season! I liked this post and am already signed up for the newsletter. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

  • candice

    I am most excited to see my children’s faces when they open up their presents! I would give anything for that day to go in slow motion so I wouldn’t miss out on a single thing! I love Christmas! I liked and subscribed :)

  • Abby

    I’m excited to spend time with my family. I liked the post on facebook and also subscribed to the newsletter! I love Manheim Steamroller!!

  • Ashley O

    I am VERY excited to spend time with my family and to make Christmas cookies. I liked it and I receive the news letter.

  • Tracey Gowen

    I am most excited to spend time with my family because I have. Freshman in high school & a freshman in college!! Our lives have changed dramatically with everyone’s bee adventures…house will be full again!! Going to volunteer during this time also! I liked this post & subscribed to news letter!

  • Jody

    This year we’ll have 2 little boys joining us. It’s been years since my neices were little, so it’s really nice to have little ones around at Christmas again!

  • Jody

    I hit like and I signed up for the newsletter. Thanks!!

  • Joy K.

    I liked this and am already a newsletter subscriber. I’m looking forward to driving around and looking at Christmas lights on Christmas eve with my 4 year old and 1 year old. One of my favorite traditions growing up.

  • Linda Larsen

    I liked this post and subscribed. I’m excited to spend Christmas with my family!

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    I liked, I would love to go!

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    I’m the most excited to spend Christmas with my family and attend our awesome small town Christmas Eve service together. I also liked this post and am a subscriber.

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    I love the newsletter. I’m looking forward to Christmas because of the loving spirit we all have. It’ll be good to have our college girl home!

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    I liked this post and I’m a subscriber. I love the magic of the season and I’m looking forward to relaxing with friends and family.

  • http://Facebook Krissy Karsten

    I love experiencing Christmas through the eyes of my children. Everything is a bit more magical.

  • http://Facebook Krissy Karsten

    I also liked this post and am receiving the newsletter too.

  • Cheryl E. Smiith

    Great music

  • Carol

    I am excited to spend Christmas with family and have time off from work!

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    I am most excited that both of my girls and their boyfriends will be with us on Christmas Day. I liked this and already subscribe.

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    I left a message yesterday, but I forgot to say I liked this post and I already subscribe. Looking forward to being with family and friends for Christmas!

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    I enjoy the festive lights, smiles, and time together with friends and family to celebrate the birth of my Savior. Blessings to you. I like this post and am a subscriber

  • McKenzie

    Spending time with family, shopping, and eating Christmas cookies. Just subscribed.

  • Siera Hehner

    excited to be with fam :)

  • Pam Cody

    I was away due to an illness last Xmas and would like to make it up to my elderly mother as she was very worried about me. She is legally blind but would enjoy the music so much!

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.grotzroberts Brenda Grotz Roberts

    I am excited about the whole season in general. More specifically just to remember the reason for the season. So many of us forget.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brenda.grotzroberts Brenda Grotz Roberts

    By the way, I liked this post.

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  • Alison Keeten

    Iam excted to hv my son this Christmas and he is old enough to learn about what the real meaning of Christmas is and the story of baby Jesus :)

  • Lisa and Joshua Miller

    Spending time with family and friends.

    Also enjoy hearing our five year old say, Christmas is more than just presents its about Celebrating Jesus Birth! Melts our hearts!

    Merry Christmas to you and your families!

    Liked/shared and a subscriber

  • Rhonda lang

    I want to go soooo bad!!

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    I am so excited to spend Christmas with family!

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    I liked the comment- the favorite party of the Christmas season is being with family – and I receive the newsletter already. I LOVE MANNHEIM STEAMROLLER!

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    I look forward to spending time with my family, especially my precious grandkids!

  • Kim Hedstrom

    I love to watch the kids believe in the magic of Santa…wide eyed and so excited! And I love that the always follow it up with a reminder that Jesus’ birthday is the reason we celebrate! This show would be amazing to attend… I liked the post and will sign up for the news letter!

  • Marla Holthusen

    Would really enjoy this show!

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    Love their music!! Definitely gets me in the Christmas mood. I liked the post

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    I just love family time. My daughter will be back from San Diego! Yay!! I signed up for the news letter and liked the post! Merry Christmas to all!!

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