Nebraska Plains & Rust

Written by Andrea Kelley

Written and photographed by Andrea Kelley of www.NebraskaSky.Etsy.com

I found these neat old cars in a private junkyard near Minden, Nebraska. This is a Plymouth Belvedere. I like to print some of these car photos that have really cool fins on canvas at a large size. They are often printed at 24″ by 36″ and would look great in an auto body shop or any man cave.

Interesting fact: 1960 was the last year that Plymouth manufactured their large tail fins. (The sales literature called them “stabilizers.”) In 1960, Richard Petty won his first three grand national victories in a Plymouth.

This Pontiac Chiefain is one of my favorites. I printed this photo on canvas and had it hanging in an art show. A lady told me there was a disagreement between two people about whether this photo was a painting or a photo. Sometimes on my car photos I will add a slight filter and bump up the colors to make the photo look like a painting. I think it is fun to add a little bit of mystery to an image and make people wonder “Is it a photo, or a painting?”

About the author

Andrea Kelley

Andrea Kelley is a fine art photographer living in Kearney, Nebraska. She specialized in taking photos of classic cars and rural Nebraska landscapes.