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Written by Kathy Glow

Written By:  Kathy Glow @ Kissing the Frog

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The official countdown is on!  There are twenty more days of summer left before school starts for my boys.  We need to purchase school supplies, see which pants still fit and which have been outgrown, buy new tennis shoes and get fresh haircuts.

Soon, before and after school routines will resume, as will the endless cycles of homework, soccer practice, therapy appointments and Cub Scout outings.

I will be scrambling to keep everything organized: which day which son has practice or library or what days I’m supposed to volunteer in the classroom or count Labels for Education.

In a way, I’m kind of looking forward to it all.  The summer has been long, and we need routine to begin again.

But, in some ways, it’s a double-edged sword because as soon as I flipped the calendar to August, I freaked out.

Wehavetogetschoolsuppliesandshoesandhaircutsanduniformpantsandcoordinateschedulesagain!!  Arghhh!

But I also worried that we had not done everything we wanted to do this summer.

As I look back at all of the fun things we’ve been able to do this summer – vacations, camps, museums, lessons, swimming – it feels pretty complete.  But there are still a few things we’d like to squeeze in before the opening bell rings.

Our Summer Bucket List:

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo: This is the four-year-old’s request.  We are so lucky to have one of the top zoos in the country right here in Nebraska.  We have an annual pass, so we’re able to go either for an hour or a whole day.  We haven’t gone at all this summer because it’s been too hot.  But, maybe the cooler weather will bring another opportunity to explore.


Play a game of golf: Our six-year-old is becoming quite interested in the game.  He and Daddy have frequented the driving range, and he’s now ready to play a full game.  I haven’t played golf in about nine years (ironically the same amount of time I’ve been a mom), so I’d like to see if I can still tear up a par 3 course the way I used to.

 He’s already a pro on the mini golf course.

Legos:  There is a big set our eight-year-old really wants.  Since his birthday is not until the week after Christmas, he wants any and every odd job he can to earn the money to get them sooner.  I’m sure I can have him clean out his room, the basement and the garage before school starts.  That should put him more than halfway there!

Go to our lake house: Alone.  This is Hubby’s request.  He’s been wanting the two of us to go sans children just to chillax.  In two weeks, Smashmouth is playing a free concert in the park.  It’s the perfect excuse for us to go, dance, and enjoy – in other words, have a weekend-long date.

Girlfriend time:  This, of course, is mine.  One of my best friends from high school comes in town once a year, and a group of us gets together for lunch or dinner or drinks or all three and tries to convince her to move back to Nebraska.  It’s so fun.  You know those friends you have that you hardly ever see, but it’s as if no time has passed?  Yeah, it’s like that.

Special time with each of my boys:  This is mine, too; but who doesn’t love one-on-one time with Mommy?  Hubby has been taking most Wednesdays off this summer, letting each of the boys choose a special activity to do.  I’d like to do that with each of them, too.  Whether it’s a fun lunch date, a shopping trip, or an outing, it would be nice to bond a little before the school year gets too hectic.

It seems like a pretty doable list, even with all the errands that need to be completed before the school doors open.

But then again, there’s a party to plan for the six-year-old’s birthday, a phone call to make to “food school” for the four-year-old (believe me, there’s a future post in that), and therapy schedules to coordinate for the eight-year-old, not to mention picking out a mommy and me swim time for the one-year-old.

Even if I can squeak all of this in under the wire before August 27th, I shudder to think of the new list that is already writing itself in view of all this “free time” I will soon have on my hands.

Did you do everything you wanted to do this summer?  If not, what is left on your summer bucket list?


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Kathy Glow is a wife and mom to four lively boys and one beautiful angel in Heaven, lost to cancer. Most days you can find her under a pile of laundry ordering take-out. When she is not driving all over town in her mini-van or wiping “boy stuff” off the walls, she is writing about what life is REALLY like after all your dreams come true. Her writing has been featured on sites such as Huffington Post, Scary Mommy, Good Housekeeping, and Mamalode; but Her View From Home is her favorite place to be. Her blog is at www.lifewiththefrog.com. You can follow her on Facebook at Kissing the Frog.

  • Julie Hoskovec

    Sounds like so much fun! A lot of things did not get crossed off our summer bucket list, but hey maybe we could extend it into a fall bucket list! : )

  • Kylie

    Love your bucket list~ wish I had a lakehouse to even have on my list! Enjoy checking items off!

  • Mami2jcn

    I’d like to take 1 or 2 more day trips to the beach. We had talked about going to an amusement park this summer, but that never happened. I think it’s just been way too hot.

    I really wish the kids had a shorter summer break (say 4-6 weeks) and then another break in the fall. That would be awesome because there are so many lovely places we could go in the fall when the weather is comfortable.

  • Mami2jcn

    I liked this article–http://herviewfromhome.com/her-salary-as-a-mom/

    My Facebook username is Mary Happymommy.

  • Lisa

    Creating a short term bucket list ( that doesn’t involve work) is a wonderful idea! Looks like you accomplished bunches!

  • Crystal

    Loved the article. I have got to spend some quality time with my girls and the rest of my family this summer. And as much time as I can with my friends even though it never seems like it is enough time.

    I also liked Her Salary as a Mom

  • Adriane

    I love making a bucket list every summer. Every one has so many different as well as same ideas. Gives us some structure as well and ways to make wonderful memories! We only have camping (it has been too hot) and Omaha Zoo left on our list. We have had so much fun this summer!!

    I commented on herviewfromhome.com/thank-you-for-saying-no-her-best-and-worst-interview-to-date.

    LOVE your website ladies. Helps to know there are ladies out there with similar situations and wonderful ideas to approach them.

  • Bri

    We would love to make it down to the Omaha Zoo by school starting, but my boys start early…next week already! So it will have to be a Fall weekend trip this year. I also “Liked” Tiffany’s post today, my heart goes out to her.

  • Jennie

    Oh, my.
    It has been so hot this year. It is hard to complete a bucket list. I haven’t even gotten in swim lessons. I may have to hit up a Y this fall or winter for some swim training for my kiddos. But I am looking forward to a fall bucket list. I LOVE fall activities!! This fall should be TONS of fun… since it won’t be above 100 degrees!!

  • Briana

    I understand your lists and I live by them in my life! I am tackling my daily to do list as well as making new ones for the next day! Between my 3 kids and work, these are never ending! My two oldest kids start school next week so this is our last summer weekend. We have been fortunate enough to do so much this summer as a family and this last few days I want a lot of time to relax and do what ever the kids want this weekend. I asked them tonight what is something really fun they want to do this weekend and I got one answer of a family visit to the zoo and my soon to be kindergartener is just so excited for school to begin, that she can’t stop asking when does she get to go to school. Kids are so funny! The end of summer makes me sad every year thinking my kids are starting a new school year and are another year older! It goes by so quickly and I don’t want to miss one moment! Good luck on your list and my next summer list has already begun!

  • Konni

    We still have a few things we would like to squeeze in before school starts next week too :) My girls want to go camping (in the tent this time), to spend a couple days with gma & gpa, and of course more swimming.

  • Konni

    I actually got to sit and read all the articles today (and even a few older ones) :) and liked them all.

    • Kathy at kissing the frog

      Glad you like it Konni!

  • Kathy

    We still would like to go camping a couple more times. It was so hot this summer, maybe a september weekend will work out better for us to go camping.

  • Eileen

    I’d like a weekend at the cabin before school starts with just the hubs and kids.

  • Kelli

    My bucket list for the fall: Husker football games!

  • helen

    Yes, we went to the beach and Sea World.

    • Kathy at kissing the frog

      Fun! We’re going to Sea World this fall.

  • Toni

    I made it through Relay For Life (so much to do!), now on to planning my little guy’s 3rd birthday! We still have a few small trips planned – Cottonmill & the nature barn, Lincoln Children’s Museum.

    • Kathy at kissing the frog

      We love the Lincoln Children’s Museum!! The boys have asked to go again.

  • Amanda O.

    Love your bucket list…we have quite a few things left on our list (the zoo – will be visited in September, a few vineyards visits, picnics, camping, etc). With moving and trying to get our old house sold, we haven’t had a lot of time to do things on our list (or school shop!).

  • Janelle

    With my 3 children getting older, spending more time with them has gone to the top of my bucket list. I know there will be time to spend with my husband soon, but enjoying the time with them for the next few years.

  • Rochelle

    We were able to take the kids to an event in Omaha and had a lot of fun – but we could only be there the one day. There was so much that we would have liked to have done there, if we had had more time. My sister came to visit and I got to go on a work trip…..it was a nice, but short summer!

  • Donna

    We just returned from a mini-vacation. The big item on my bucket list is an Alaskan cruise – hopefully it will happen sometime in the future. I am also hoping to fly to Texas for my niece’s daughter’s wedding in September.

  • Sharon

    I like having a bucket list. I already completed one big thing and that was to help decorate a float for the Rose Bowl Parade. Oh, the flowers smelled so good!

  • Christina Nelms

    On the bucket list – a family vacation. We went to Vancouver, BC

  • Cassy K

    I liked the Old Navy Post and this post. I have not been able to fulfill my bucket list, summer will come late for us and we hope to get to have a vacation in October in NYC. Then go upstate and see the leaves.

  • Tracy Dyke

    I think as Moms we will always have regrets, what ifs and thoughts that we could have done more. Unfortunately that is part of being a Mom. I work full time so I definitely feel I never do enough but I do my best and I hope my children understand that. Enjoy that weekend at the lake. Sounds great!!

  • Aubury Landers

    I still need to take the boys to the zoo

  • Melissa

    Still want to go camping.

  • Amber R

    We really want to make a trip to camp in the Black Hills yet this summer….if it cools off! It may have to be a September trip.

  • Jennifer P.

    We didn’t make it to the zoo this summer, but are planning a trip in the Fall.

  • Ashley

    We have had a wonderful summer. Camping, KC and many trips to the pool and library!

  • Tabathia

    We never made it to the beach not once this summer which is a first for us

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com