Priceless Gifts

21 Nov, 2013 at 9:00 am | Written by: Trista Koch

As I sit here creating my shopping list for the holidays, my mind drifts to the many loved ones that have gone in the years past. Tears of joy fall as I remember the good times and all the gifts I was given just by their presence in my life. I look at another black Friday advertisement. I realize that I am slightly annoyed by these and all the toy magazines that clutter my counters. It’s not even Thanksgiving yet and already the reason for the season is being overshadowed by the Christmas and to-do lists.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to give- my time, money, gifts; whatever it is I can, there is great gratitude in giving. Many times, however, it becomes more about what we are getting than what we are giving: beautiful jewelry, a trip to here or there. Then there are the negative things we get: stress, an empty bank account, lack of sleep.

If we ignore all the material things we have gotten from people, what can you find were the gifts they gave you just by being them? I remember my cousin, Kelly, had a great smile. My friend, Martha, loved life no matter what the day handed her. My grandma, Joan, was happy observing her family being together. My mother-in-law, Betty, loved creating. The list could go on forever. Each of these gifts they gave me brings a smile to my face.

So what if my biggest gift to those around me this year is to choose a character trait that warms my heart about these people and pass it forward; allowing them to live through me? I can just imagine wrapping this character trait up and giving it with all my love.

These truly are the priceless gifts.

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