She Lost Her Marbles Where?


Don’t look. It’s not pretty. Need a picture to prove it? Here goes:

Told you not to look (OK, I had a real pic of me, but my dear husband insisted that I shouldn’t scare people). I went through the ringer yesterday and I mean knocked down, dragged out and sucker punched. It all started with my son and ended with my daughter in the trenches of motherhood. Tuesday night my son complains of a sore throat and I got the mother of the year award when I told him, “You need to pull up  your little britches and gets some rest, sometimes we all get sore throats.”

He woke the next morning with a fever of 104. In to the clinic we go. Doctor takes one look at Elijah and says, “FLU.” Mom (a.k.a ME) has no idea what entails of testing for the flu bug until the nurse comes in to shove a swab up my son’s nose in which I get to smile at my son and say, “It’s for the best!”

Son surprisingly climbs into mom’s lab and cuddles after nose was brutally violated. Just when we think it’s safe, Doc comes back to say, “Negative, let’s take a blood sample.”  Mom holds son, son squeals at the needle, mom hugs tighter, son bites mom. Doc comes in to say,” he must be fighting a virus.” Gee, thanks Doc, so thankful for the clarification, my wrist truly thanks you.

Mom and son go home. Mom gets call from a committee, mom goes to office. Mom gets pulled off committee and told to “rest”. Mom goes home battered and bruised while questioning what the word, “rest” means. Son breaks out into hives and off mom, son and dad go to the clinic. As soon as mom comes home, youngest daughter quietly comes to mommy stating,

“Mommy I tried to lay an egg and there’s a marble in my butt.”

To mom’s dismay, she realizes son left marbles in tub, 4-year-old Tori who thinks she is a dragon tried to sit on her “eggs” a.k.a marbles. Mom frets over marble, not sure how to get object out. Mom frets to Jamie, Jen and Leslie,

Leslie Means Ugh! .I’m sorry for your crappy day – but the marble comment kinda made me smile.
Mom goes to bed thinking the worse day of her life has got to be over. Only this time Mom tosses and turns the whole night in a land of no sleep. Mom wakes up to discover, she too is sick. Instead of attempting the clinic, mom lays on window seat, waving a big white flag while children have fun with markers, stickers, and glue.

And the moral of this story? In life’s worst moments God has taught me to laugh at myself, even when I’m losing my marbles. Life is messy. It’s not perfect and it would be boring without moments like this.



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Heather Riggleman

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  • Amy P.

    OH. MY. GOSH! Glad that you survived!! So sorry to hear about your, um, loss of marbles. Glad it all turned out ok in the end. Thank you for being honest with the rest of us — we all have days like that. And, that committee?? It is their loss.

    • Heather Riggleman

      The committee doesn’t need to be named, but I do appreciate your comment and knowing these days happen to everyone. :-)

  • Rachele

    Life is definitely messy and all of us lose our marbles at some point, but it only makes us better women….in the words of Kelly Clarkson:

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
    Stand a little taller
    ….What doesn’t kill you makes you fighter”

    :-) (yep, totally stuck in my head now…)

    • Heather Riggleman

      LOL! Now the song is stuck in my head. I’m learning the art of being humble and grace…..lots of grace. :-)

  • Megan Riggert

    This is why I love HVFH! no where else can you read the article that is this honest. we all have these horrible days but no 1 ever talks about it except to say it was a bad day. thank you for reminding us that we are not alone, EVERYONE has those days. BIG hugs to you Heather! I hope you were able to get some well deserved rest.

    • Heather Riggleman

      Awww Thx Megan! I did get to hang out a little bit. :-)

  • http://[email protected] Jess @ Blog Schmog

    Amen to that! Holy cow you had a crazy day. It is SO good to laugh though. My son once stuck a whole corn kernel up his nose, then a piece of chalk. He was obsessed with his holes. lol Ai yai yai. You should guest post on my Muddy Mama Monday or share this on my Facebook wall @JessieGundersonAuthor. I’m always trying to get more of this type of story out there because we SO need to know we aren’t alone. :)

    I’m glad you shared this on God’s Writer Moms!