Her Last Blast of Summer ~ Kearney Staycation Winner!

Written by Leslie Means

A HUGE thank you to all of you for your fantastic comments and “likes” with this giveaway.  We like to hear from you.  We especially like highlighting area destinations in this great state.

We think you like it, too.

And with that – we bring you our big Kearney Staycation winner!

Congrats to….


Danielle said, “My favorite vacation place would have to be Chicago! It is an awesome city! I’ve also liked this post and signed up for the newsletter! :)”

Danielle – please send me an e-mail to [email protected]  We’ll make sure to get all the fantastic items to you!  AND – thanks again to all our wonderful sponsors who helped make this giveaway possible.  (find them below!) 

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Can you believe school starts next month!?  This summer, (as usual) seems to be flying by!  If you and your family haven’t had a chance to relax, here’s your chance!

Her View From Home is giving away a HUGE Kearney staycation package!  Here is the list of what you could win!

The suites are really sweet!  (Yes, I just did that!)  Check out these shots:

WHEW!  Now – what to do to win?!  There are 3 ways to enter.

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Contest ends at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, August 3.  Will will pick ONE winner at random.  *Family pass is usually 4-6 passes

P.S. One of the main goals of HVFH is to promote all the fantastic destinations we have in this wonderful state.  We’re starting in Kearney and will eventually branch out east, south, north, west and everywhere in-between.

P.P.S THANK YOU to all our wonderful sponsors!  We LOVE this giveaway!  😉

About the author

Leslie Means

Leslie is a former news anchor, published children’s book author, weekly columnist, co-founder of Her View From Home.com and has several published short stories as well.

She is married to a very patient man. Together they have two pretty fantastic little girls ages 6 and 4.

When she’s not sharing too much personal information online and in the newspaper – you’ll find Leslie somewhere in Nebraska hanging out with family and friends. There’s also a 75% chance at any given time, you’ll spot her in the aisles at Target.

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  • Kristy

    I liked this and my favorite vacation spot is Estes Park, Co!

  • Sandi Marker

    Would love to win this staycation! We aren’t able to get out of town this summer, so would love to show our daughter the things in Kearney we never get to see!

  • Paige P.

    We are divers, so our vacation spot is Cozumel. Can’t beat it.

  • Penny Parker

    Our family loves to visit extended family in Denver CO. We’d love this awesome staycation! :)

  • Michelle Eutsler

    My favorite place to vacation are the mountains of Colorado. It is just so nice and peaceful up there and is great to get away from the daily grind.

  • http://www.kearneyhomeinspectors.com Candi Oldham

    We LOVE all that Kearney has to offer!!! Our fave vaca spot is anywhere!!!

  • Michelle Eutsler

    I just liked the post about this too, by the way :)

  • Melanie R

    I liked this and my favorite vacation spot is anywhere with my family as long as we are away from home and work

  • sherri lynn

    Sounds like a fun time in Kearney….. :)

  • Tammy M

    We love going to different areas in Nebraska, but they have to have someplace close by to do some fishing and fun stuff for the kids.
    Would LOVE to win this package!!!!

  • Cheri Mohr

    I really don’t have a favorite as of yet but I’d love to take my children to Estes Park in Cololrado.

  • Amber R

    We love to go to Florida in February. A nice warm getaway from the cold winter!

  • Ariel

    Our favorite vacation spot is Minnesota! My sister lives there and we don’t get to her very often. They live in the valley between to bluffs. VERY beautiful. I liked this post on facebook. Would love to win this!

  • Toni

    I liked this post on facebook and this summer we went to Vegas (favorite adult vacation) and Kansas City (favorite family trip).

  • Jo Dubbs

    I liked this post
    My favorite vacation spot is where ever I am at the time as long as I am with my husband.

  • Lauressa

    What a great vacation!

  • Sara

    I liked! I would love to take this vacation with my family!!!

  • http://www.mythirtyone.com/melaniebebensee Melanie Bebensee

    I Liked your post.Also I don’t have a favorite vacation spot because IV never been able to go on a vacation!

  • http://Website Kendra Welch

    I liked it and my favorite family vacation is South Dakota!

  • Heather Linden

    Our favorite vaction spot is Omaha. My kids LOVE going to the zoo!

  • kristen

    fav va ca place to go has been tx or north carolina! north carolina was beauuuutiful!!!!! and so was tx. get to travel for work related things and LOVVVVEd it

  • stephanie coello

    We love all these destinations! I volunteer at the World Theater, but would love to win a pass!

  • Joy

    LIked it and favorite get away spot is here in NE. Love camping at Victoria Springs. Such friendly neighbors and great fishing. Can’t beat this little hideaway!

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      Victoria Springs! Joy – that was my husbands favorite camping spot as a kid. He took me there last year for the first time. We MUST go back before summer is over. We all loved it. 😉

      • Joy

        Leslie, we weren’t able to go there this year due to the extreme heat. Tent Camping was out of the question this year for us, however we hope to go next year!

  • Karen S

    Who COULDN’T “like” this tremendous package? The only thing better than relaxing in my favorite getaway spot of Arizona (Fountain Hills) would be gathering up some family for a staycation in Kearney! Thanks girls and sponsors!

  • Mary Bunger

    What an awesome prize!!! My favorite vacation spot is the black hills

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Mary, those are my stomping grounds. My hometown Newcastle is just a stone’s throw from the hills.

  • Katheryn

    I liked this post and already receive the newsletter. Thanks for the contest!!

    My favorite place to vacation is New Orleans, Louisiana! My husband and I honeymooned there this last May and oh my goodness, was it amazing!!! I also love going to Lake McConaughy for a short, fun trip!

  • http://[email protected] Krissy

    My favorite vacation has been Cancun. My hubby and I went just this summer. It was wonderful. It was cheaper than anything we could have done in the U.S., and it was all inclusive! We definitely would love to go back. My youngest son wants to come with. He asked if he had enough quarters in his bank to ride a dolphin! Not sure that we would take the kids…they might have to wait until their honeymoon or something. : )

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      LOVE! We cant wait to go back someday.

  • http://dottigramkephotography.com Dotti

    We love to go see family in wyoming and colorado!

  • http://dottigramkephotography.com Dotti

    I forgot to mention that I ‘liked’ the post! Thanks!

  • Kathi Bradley

    We would love a “staycation” in Kearney. In fact two years ago that is exactly where we went for vacation. We enjoyed being close to home, and getting to do all the fun things we never have time for when coming to town. Our kiddos loved the Big Apple, and we enjoyed spending quality family-time by the pool!!!! Please pick us!
    We don’t just “like” this….we “LOVE” this! :)

  • Megan

    My favorite vacation spot was Maui! We went there on our honeymoon and it is sooo beautiful! I plan to go back some day. I also “liked” this giveaway.

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      We are saving to go there for our 15 year ann. For our seven year anniversary, we spent a week in Cancun. LOVE the oceanside rooms. :-)

  • http://facebook krissy

    I also liked the post. : )

  • Anne B

    We love Vicoria Springs too. Chadron is another favorite camping spot in state.

  • Anne B

    Liked the post.

  • Jennifer P.

    As a recent implant to the Midwest, my favorite vacation spot is to go home to the sandy beaches of Florida! :) I also ‘liked’ this post.

  • http://www.myinitials-inc.com/amandaogden Amanda

    We love to visit Estes Park…it’s been forever since we’ve been though!

  • Desirae Fowler Tira

    I “liked” this post, and subscribed to your newsletter! My favorite place for a quick getaway is Omaha. Lots to do and not too far from home!

  • http://www.myinitials-inc.com/amandaogden Amanda

    I “Liked” this post.

  • http://www.myinitials-inc.com/amandaogden Amanda

    I have subscribed to the newsletter.

  • http://www.countrydrawers.com Tara

    My favorite vacation spot is anywhere with a beach and ocean. :)

  • Siera Hehner

    My fav place to go to is Red Rocks in CO. It’s so pretty there! :)

  • http://www.countrydrawers.com Tara

    I liked this post and subscribed to the newsletter!

  • Shannon

    Likes this article! With all this heat, I love to get away to the Colorado mountains where it is cooler. Love the early morning smell of Fresh Mountian Air!

  • Donna

    My favorite vacation would have to be the cruise we took to Cancun – it was so much fun! I do like this article!

  • Sara

    My favorite vacation entails exploring new destinations. This year our family is going to Fort Robinson.

  • Tracy Premer

    I like! My favorite vacation is wherever the road takes us in our lil Red car! :)

  • Ashley F

    My family loves to go to Merritt to go camping. It is so quiet and peaceful up there. I also “liked” this article!

  • Julie

    My favorite vacation spot is Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!

  • Melody

    I have to say that Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, CO would be my pick of favorite vacations. There is alot to do in Colorado Springs, we took advantage of many of the sights, scenery and various restauraunts and other locations. Of all of them, the Garden of the Gods had such a tranquil setting. I would recommend to anybody for a getaway or a family vacation, we would defintely go again, but it’s fun to go to other places . . . especially right here in our own home state! There is so much to love here, I like the fact that you are giving this experience to somebody . . . all to often times, I think we forget what is in our own back yards! Whoever wins, will defenitely enjoy it!

  • karen

    my favorite vacation is anywhere with my family. My girls and my husband are truly blessings.

  • Adriane

    Favorite Vaction: Any vacation our family can all go on and have a wonderful time is my favorite! We love getting away!! I also “liked” this article!

  • Tracy

    Our vacation every year is to Schuyler, NE! We love it because we get to hang out with extended family. We also hang out by the river the whole time and swim, build sand castles, eat, lay around in the hammock and just do nothing! It is wonderful!!! I have also liked your site and would love to have a staycation!!!

  • Evie

    Woukld so love to win this. My favorite vacation spot is the Long Island Sound in long island New York

  • Bri M

    The last few years, our staycations include camping at Harlan Co. lake and working at my husband’s family ranch in the beautiful Sandhills of Nebraska.

  • Kendra Welch

    I liked it and my favorite family vacation is South Daokta!

  • anne

    I LIKED YOUR SITE !!! Don’t get many vacations so don’t have a special vacation place ~ we are going to Big Alkali Lake outside Valentine for a family reunion next weekend ~ but a staycation would be perfect for our family before school starts once again..!!!

  • Karen

    I love to go any where in the mountains! This would be a great staycation for those of us with no budget! :)

  • Karen

    I liked the post and I am already on the mailing list! :)

  • Jami K

    Liked! We love camping and tend to stay close to home with trips to Ft. Kearney, Harlan, and Johnson Lake. Another NE site that was on our agenda for the summer was Valentine/ Smith Falls- we are really hopeful that the fires are contained soon!
    We also love Colorado…we are headed to Estes next week for vacation as we love hiking next to the waterfalls in the mountains.

  • Sharon

    I liked this post! That is an awesome local getaway and promoting Kearney at the same time. It would be great for when my kids come home. I believe m favorite vacation was our Mediterranean Cruise. It is so fun seeing other parts of the world.

  • Ann Snider

    favorite NE place: Tubing on the Niobara with the family!
    favorite Vacation ever–so far: Our 25 hour trip to Mt. Rushmore and Wall Drug, SD with a side tirp of tubing!
    favorite US vacation: on the coast in CA at the beach. La Jolla, Carlsbad, or Coronado!
    Dream vacation: Italy, Greece and Turkey! eating fresh fruit, laying on the beach and visiting amazing destinations!

  • Ann Snider

    I have “liked” the post!

  • Ann Snider

    Already on the mailing list….do I need to do that again?

    • http://www.ellabbella.com Leslie

      nope! We’ll mark you down! THanks!

  • Kelly Rich

    I liked this post. In Nebraska we love spending days at Johnson’s lake just relaxing kind of nice to have no tv or internet. We also really enjoyed CO last year in Steam boat. It seems like wherever we go the kids always say “this is the best vacation ever.” I really think the key is to spend quality time as a family and get rid of the electronics and have fun with your family!!! Kearney has so much fun things to offer people of all ages. I love your giveaways!! Thanks!

  • Rachel

    Thanks! Our family would LOVE this and we just love vacation…so not sure where to chose- but one of our favorite was when we were able to go to Disneyland.

  • Aubury Landers

    my favorite vacation spot is anywhere we can camp

  • Brenda

    We would like to vacation or staycation anywhere, as long as we are together as a family.

  • Lora

    Like it…I Love It!! We do have so many great things to do hear in Kearney. With gas/food prices and the heat it’s nice to think outside the box and to stay local for a vacation.
    From one biker chic to another I would have to say my favorite vacations have been on our bike. Our first trip being our best. We visited Valentine NE. The weather was perfect and the sandhills were covered with miles of beautiful yellow flowers. We didn’t see another vehicle for hours. We got to the river late and were the only floaters so it was like we had the whole world to ourselves. We considered going again but it would be hard to repeat such a perfect trip.

  • Cindy

    My favorite vacation was when I was in the Air Force stationed in W. Ger. and went to Athens Greece for a week!

  • Leah

    We would love this staycation! Our favorite get away this summer has been a quick trip to the Black Hills and trip through the Pine Ridge of Nebraska. Summer goes too quickly!

  • Lisa Hermann

    Liked this and our favorite vacation spot is Estes Park, Colorado!

  • Mandy

    The zoo is always a great spot!!!

  • Wendy

    As much as I love to travel, staycations are so the bomb. We have done them here before and had a blast at the local hotels acting like a visitor.

  • http://www.wish.origamiowl.com Eileen

    We love hanging out at Johnson lake! Thanks

  • http://www.facebook.com/addikingreydesigns Konni

    My favorite vacation destination in NE is Ft. Robinson in Crawford. We used to go there almost every summer when I was growing up, I have some wonderful memories there. This summer my parents took us all up there and it was so much fun to experience it with my girls now :)

    Liked the post.

    Signed up for the newsletter :)

  • Cassy K

    I Liked this post, already subscribed to the news letter, LIKE you on FB and read your site daily. So far our favorite family vacation has been Estes Park Co. but would like to experience more mountain states.

  • Tasha F

    I liked this post and Colorado by far is a great vacation destination….love the red rocks area!

  • Robbi

    I liked this post, already have signed up for your emails & am RIGHT NOW sitting in my favorite vaca spot ever. . . Sitting on the beach at Lake McConaughy!!!! Love it!! We love to camp!

  • Dot R

    Wow!! Already so many posts…probably won’t have a chance…oh well..I just love to go anywhere relaxing and enjoyable, even if its in Nebraska (Especially nature)!!! : ) By the way I absolutely LOVE your posts!!!!

  • Nancy

    Would love this. It looks like so much fun. My favorite vacation spot is going to Colorado and just spending time with family, in the mountains hiking and sightseeing, and white water rafting.

  • Lesley Slaymaker

    I “liked” this post! Our favorite family vacation has been Chicago but my husband & I will always love Hawaii!

  • Melissa

    Favorite vacation spot South Dakota, badlands. I liked this post.

  • Danielle

    My favorite vacation place would have to be Chicago! It is an awesome city! I’ve also liked this post and signed up for the newsletter! :)

  • Suzanne

    My favorite vacation spot is Cape Cod. I grew up near there and we would go every summer for a 2 week vacation!

  • Samantha

    My favorite vacation is anywhere I go with my family to excape the crazies of our day to day lives. Chasing 3 kids to and from school and activities and keeping up with a husband who travels frequently with his job it’s nice to be anywhere where the 5 of us are just TOGETHER!!

  • Tracie

    It doesn’t matter where we go – just that my family is together! Vacations are much more interesting with a 1 year old that’s for sure. :)

  • Sharon

    My favorite vacation is anywhere with family. I like fishing and camping with family and also traveling to places we have never been.

  • Dawn

    I liked the post. My favorite vacation spot is Boston. I love the history of the area.

  • Sara

    I liked the post and I already receive your newsletter! We would love a staycation in Kearney, with two small children we don’t make it very far anyway but my husband and I did enjoy Chicago and would love to take our kids there someday.

  • Lisa

    I like this post! Our favorite vacation was Cancun…we were there two years ago today!

  • Katelin

    I “liked this post” Any vacation is a great vacation! :)

  • Kylie

    My young family really enjoyed the Black Hills, they are only 3 & 5 so that is the one they remember>

  • Gloria

    We love to visit our family and friends in France, but staycations in our backyard come close! The garden, the pool, a waterfall, and a little wine, bread and cheese in the ivy-covered gazebo is soooooo relaxing!

  • Stephanie

    We love going to Omaha every year to visit the zoo and relax! We also love to take advantage of what we have in Kearney, though, too! I liked this post also! Thanks!

  • Audra

    My favorite vacation is just getting away with the family and spending time with them. We like to go on adventures! We have gotten to go to South Dakota, Colorado, and Missouri. We just love spending time together.. wherever that is!

  • http://www.realestatemeister.com Matthew

    For a big vacation, my favorite so far would be anywhere on the Yucatan Peninsula. For a shorter time, we just visited Golden, Colorado and Red Rocks Amphitheater. Can’t beat the beauty, and Golden is really nice!

  • Anne

    My parents live in Kearney so this would actually be a great vacation to see them and a staycation for them! :)

  • Cindy

    It’s been a long time, but I love to vacation with my family in the mountains of Colorado.

  • Rani C.

    I love to go on cruises. All the food, entertainment and relaxation one could need! The one we went to in the Caribbean was great.

  • Kim

    I liked this……..my favorite vacation spot if Savanna GA or Washington DC

  • Amanda Wall

    My favorite vacation spot has been San Diego! What a fun idea, I hope I win! :)

  • Rani C.

    I also “liked” this post for another entry!

  • Hallie Yantzie

    My favorite vacation spot is wherever my family is…;) I liked this!

  • Christina Nelms

    Loved British Columbia Canada – both sea and mountains together. Loved our whale watching tour!

  • Abigail K.

    Definitely the Black Hills. I went there every two years with my Dad when I was a child. My Dad has been gone for almost 15 years now, and the Black Hills still hold many wonderful memories of him. We are going back in a few weeks. I can’t wait to make more memories with my family!

  • Heidi J

    I liked this post. Our favorite vacation spot is Jackson, WY. Unfortunately haven’t been able to get there for a few years. We are fairly new to Nebraska and I look forward to learning about all of the fun places and things to do in the state.

  • Roni

    We love museums and movies! We dont have a favorite vacation spot…any is spectacular as long as we are together! I liked this!

  • Alison F

    We recently had a mini-staycation in Kearney as my in-laws were visiting from the east coast. They loved the Classic Car Collection. As for leaving Kearney, my husband and I love New Orleans! But with a 5 month old we won’t be visiting there anytime soon :(
    Liked the post and started receiving the newsletter too. Thanks!

  • http://facebook.com DJ

    Like! And my family enjoys Eileen’s Cookies… not to be missed by any visitor!

  • Kay

    I liked it and my favorite vacation spot is Hawaii

  • Judy

    I liked this page. Favorite vacation is where the grandkids are—either CO or TN :)

  • Bobbi

    Our favorite family vacation so far has been to the Black Hills…..but I hope you have a lot more family vacations to come with our girls!! We would love the little getaway in Kearney before the girls go back to school…..Love your site, always something great on here!! Thanks!

  • Sarah Wall

    My favorite vacation location is anywhere that I’m with my family. I imagine if I were to ever visit somewhere tropical, however, that it would take 1st quite quickly. :)

  • Sarah Wall

    I liked this post!

  • Sarah Wall

    I subscribed to the newlestter but I used a different email.

  • Lenay Palser

    We went on our first big family vacation to Orlando. We went to Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in Disney World. The water rides were my favortie. We had so much fun and everything went really well.

  • Tiffany Bley

    Our family would love to win this! We like to get away to Estes Park CO. I liked this on facebook!

  • Terri Miller

    My favorite vacation spot is Estes, CO. Love going there to get away in the winter time or the summer. Either time is wonderful!

  • Kaylei M.

    I have liked the post, subscribed to the newsletter, and I am currently commenting on this post :) My husband and I enjoy any place that allows us to be off of work and spending time together. This staycation package would be absolutely amazing to win!!

  • Anastasia

    Hm, haven’t had a family vacation (that didn’t involve long, mandatory stays with extended family) in so long that I can’t think of a favorite spot. Discovering new things about home sounds nice, though.

  • Karla

    My favorite spot is any where close to the ocean.

    • http://www.heatherriggleman.com Heather

      Karla–ME TOO! 😉

  • Dee

    Our family likes to viist family in KC and take in the fun !

  • rita mack

    Liked the post. Favorite vacation spot is Jamaica. Love the town of Kearney.

  • Mandi

    I liked this post! :) i havent taken a vacation in years…any time off work I guess would be a great vacation!

  • Tracy Harling

    We loved Estes Park!!!!

  • Jamie

    we would love, Love, LOVE to take advantage of a staycation!! We can’t get away this summer, but when we do, we love the Omaha zoo!!

  • Brandi Swain

    LIKE!!:D My favorite vacation spot (so far) is St. Augustine, FL. My family went down to Georgia this summer…my husband’s from there. He decided to take us down there to “see the sights”. We went to the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, the wax museum and saw the fountain of youth. When we drove past the castle (a REAL castle) and went over the draw bridge, we had to wait for pirate ships to cross. 😀 Then we went to the Alligator Farm. We had such a wonderful time, and we’ll go back EVERY chance we get!! 😀



  • Pam Cody

    My favorite vacation area is in Minnesota next to Lake Superior! Duluth, Minnesota!

  • Becca Rutt

    I love Santa Cruz and Jackson Hole…it’s a tie

  • P.Meyer

    Colorado is a great place to go!!

  • Kathy

    I “liked” this post. Our favorite vacation was in KC at worlds of fun. Great memories!

  • Carol H

    LOVE our trip to Orlando last winter. SO cold here, but it was 80 degrees there & beautiful!! I also “liked” this..thanks for a great website.

  • Meghan Marlow

    I love it, my favorite vacation is San Diego, CA

  • Rachel Erkkila

    I am like this contest and would love to learn about Kearney. It is hard from my family to wander far from home. It would be great to check out all these great family attractions.

    My favorite destination is Queen Creek AZ — truthfully, it’s becuase my family lives there! :-)

  • Tiffany

    We love going to Kearney to get away for a little while!

  • Tricia

    I have “liked” this & anywhere our family goes together is great!!

  • Kathy Roberts

    My favorite Nebraska vacation spot is Omaha…..out of state is Las Vegas! I also liked this post.

  • Rochelle Krueger

    Anywhere where we can relax and have fun is a good vacation. I really enjoyed the time I spent at the beach in Orange County, CA.

  • Rochelle Krueger

    And I “liked” it, too!!!

  • Connie Gregoski

    I liked it and anywhere with my family!

  • Nadine

    I liked this post and love getting out of the house with the family – especially when it doesn’t cost much!

  • Emily E.

    My favorite place for vacation is anywhere along the Platte River or Loup River. Love to fish and air boat ride………..our rivers are hidden treasures. I liked this chance to win and love your website!

  • Sadie

    My favorite place for vacation is Vermont. I have not been there in years but it is beautiful and I hope to go again in the future.

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