The Stockings All Hung…

09 Dec, 2012 at 7:00 am | Written by: Sue Harrison

Written by Sue Harrison

When my sister’s two daughters were ages three and five, their family got out the Christmas stockings and, as per tradition, hung  those stockings in anticipation of Santa’s visit. Three-year-old Katelyn hung her stocking first, to the praise of her parents. “Good girl, Katelyn!” Then it was Erin’s turn.  Again the cheers and the proclamation, “Good girl, Erin!”  My sister hung her stocking and in playful jest her husband said, “Good girl, Mommy!” Then it was Daddy’s turn.

You can see this coming, can’t you?

Daddy hung his stocking, and little Katelyn crowed, “Good girl, Daddy!”

You see, Good girl, Daddy was the best, most wonderful thing that little Katelyn could think to say. She “gave” her daddy the very same words that had let her know she was a celebrated member of the family, and she joyfully shared that compliment with her daddy. A lovely Christmas gift of words.


During this holiday season, many people look back at the traditions and beliefs of their early years, and they discover within their hearts a great need to belong once again to the family of God, a family that they left by choice, or because of hurt, or of sin, or through doubt, or simply neglect.

When we’ve been away from God, it’s difficult to fit back into the family. We attend a Christmas service and feel uncomfortable because we’re afraid we won’t say the right thing or wear the right clothes or sit in the right place.

Guess what? God sees your heart. He understands your longing. He doesn’t expect fancy clothes or elegant prayers, and there’s no secret code. With God, there’s only you – your needs, your doubts, your pain.  And if you make a mistake or your words come out wrong, God still sees the truth of you. He loves you so much that no one can even begin to measure the height and width and depth of that love. You are His dear child.

Come on. Join the celebration. Hang the stocking and embrace the love. Like little Katelyn, speak from your heart. God thinks you’re incredible.

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