Tie Dye Flowers

08 May, 2013 at 4:00 pm | Written by: Chelsie Bebensee

Written by Chelsie @ Diva’s Floral Shop

Have you ever seen a tie-dyed flower?

Here’s a collage of photos I found after a quick search on the internet.

Tie Dye

They are so cool! You don’t have to be a hippie chick to enjoy these vibrant blooms.


I’ve seen a lot of pictures on Pinterest of tie-dyed roses and we’ve even ordered a few into the shop in the past. These roses are dyed using a special technique at the grower’s level of splitting the stem into three parts and putting each part in a different color of dye. While they are gorgeous, they are often hard for us to order in and they can be pretty pricey when we do.

And so we get creative with paint.


photo (35)Lately we’ve been really into fuji mums at the shop. They are fun and youthful and last a long time, which make them the perfect flower for any occasion. They are even more fun when we tie-dye them with paint.

photo (40)There is a special line of spray paint called Just For Flowers that florists use to tint flowers that come in a shade off than we had planned or to create flower colors that aren’t found in nature. The paint helps us create the blue flowers that our customers ask for but nature doesn’t make. It also helps to match things like pink carnations to the color of, say, your bridesmaid’s shoes. It also helps us to create a tie-dyed flower.

Pretty cool, huh? And the process is SO easy!

First, you’ll need three complimentary colors of paint. Think back to the color wheel in your elementary school art class.

You’ll begin by spraying half of the flower with the first color of paint.

photo (41)

Turn the flower so that the top half of the flower is half painted and half white. Spray the second color of paint so that it overlaps the first color of paint and covers the white half.

photo (39)

Turn the flower again and repeat with the third color.

photo (38)

Tah-dah! Take a look at the finished product.

photo (41)

Pretty neat, huh? Super easy and inexpensive. I love the way these tie-dyed flowers look in these cute little colored bottles.

These would make a really fun centerpiece for Mother’s Day, a graduation party or any fun get together this summer.

Stop into Divas this summer for more fun flower ideas. We’d love to share them with you!

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