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To My Husband: 50 Reasons I Need You

To My Husband: 50 Reasons I Need You
Written by Traci Rhoades

He didn’t mean anything by it. I had my head buried in a book, when my husband casually said these five words, “You don’t really need anyone.”

What he meant was books always make me happy. I have many friends I’ve met through the years on the pages of a book. I assure him it’s not true of course. I need him very much.

To my husband, Here are 50 reasons I need you (although there are thousands more),

  1. I need you to split a plate with me when we eat out at restaurants.
  2. I need you because I discovered one can purchase apple trees from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, and so I ordered three, and have no idea how to plant them. But you do.
  3. I need you to do this month’s Kiwi Crate Tinker Crate with our little girl, because when I read the word “hydraulic” on the box, I knew I was out.
  4. I need you to shut the chicken coop door at dusk, so it’s not always my turn.
  5. I need you on your side of the bed each night, because last week when you were gone, it felt empty.
  6. I need you to do all. the. yardwork.
  7. I need you to grill the food and smoke the meat.
  8. I need you to keep playing cards with me, because I’m a terrible sport, and you’re one of the few people who will put up with my fits.
  9. I need you to sit right beside me at church every Sunday you go, because my dad only sat beside our family at church one time in my whole life.
  10. I need you because I rest in the fact that your hand is always there to grab and hold when I reach for it.
  11. I need you because no one supports my writing like you do.
  12. I need you to remind me I’m someone who always does the right thing.
  13. I need your wisdom and advice.
  14. I need to be happy when you’ve completed a home improvement project, because these accomplishments please you so.
  15. I need you because words like “economics” make me instantly sleepy, but they’re important, so I learn what I need from you.
  16. I need you as my companion restaurant reviewer to try out new places in town, like Five Lakes Brewing we visited a few weeks ago.
  17. I need you because you know we decided years ago to not celebrate Hallmark holidays like Valentine’s Day, and together, we don’t.
  18. I need you because you understand anniversaries are our BIG DEAL – thirteen years and counting.
  19. I need your perspective on politics because the voices online are loud and overly-opinionated, but I know you’ll offer me a well-researched, logical viewpoint.
  20. I need your help when our garden really takes off, and the weeds threaten to choke out the vegetables.
  21. I need you because you offer our little girl an outlook on life I can’t explain to her.
  22. I need you because said little girl is going to date someday, and I have no doubt you’ll be her best protector.
  23. I need you on Wednesday nights, when you let me drop all my responsibilities and chase after Jesus with my Bible study ladies.
  24. I need you because you’re the best part of every double date we go on with other couples.
  25. I need you to open the door for me (still) when we go somewhere.
  26. I need you to enjoy my cooking, because it encourages me to keep trying new things.
  27. I need you to remind me I don’t have to volunteer to do everything.
  28. I need you because you always let me know how much you appreciate the things I do around the house.
  29. I need you when I get mentally lazy and count on you to work the mechanics of things.
  30. I need you to diagnose my vehicle problems before I even go to the repair shop.
  31. I need you to write down word for word, and include photos, of what I need to ask for when you send me to a hardware story.
  32. I need you to walk through our front door every night around 5:30, because it’s the highlight of my day.
  33. I need you to kiss me goodbye on your way to work every morning, whether I’ve brushed my teeth yet or not.
  34. I need you to partner with me in every parenting endeavor.
  35. I need your push to take action in our community by serving on the local library and school boards.
  36. I need you to sing Garth Brooks for me, even though you claim you can’t carry a tune.
  37. I need you to research all. the. things.
  38. I need you sitting across from me in a coffee shop, listening to the solo guy playing acoustic guitar.
  39. I need you to pull our camping trailer, because we both know things would go horribly wrong if I tried this.
  40. I need you browsing bookstore shelves, grabbing a Western and a few magazines, and placing them beside my ridiculously tall stack of books in all varieties.
  41. I need you because the next time something really sad happens, you won’t feel the urge to fill the space between us with words, but you’ll never leave my side.
  42. I need you so I can always make two lattes in the morning from our espresso machine.
  43. I need you to keep wearing the bright plaid work shirts you prefer, because my heart still leaps when you come out of the bedroom all dressed up for work.
  44. I need you with me to take all the trips we’ve talked about doing over the years.
  45. I need you because no one gives gifts more thoughtful and personal than yours.
  46. I need you to come home to (our home!) after I’ve gone on a trip.
  47. I need you to hang up all these birdhouses, knowing we’re one step closer to retiring and spending our days watching the birds.
  48. I need your honest opinion even though I don’t always want it.
  49. I need to hear you say “I love you” because those words are music to my ears.
  50. I need you to know in the deepest part of your soul, you are very needed.

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Traci Rhoades

My name is Traci. I live in southwest Michigan, somewhere in a triangular section connecting Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids with all things Lake Michigan. My husband and I parent one daughter. We have dogs, cats, ducks, pigs and chickens. Their number is always changing, as farm animal counts tend to do. I enjoy watching sports, reading, cooking and all things Bible study. I am a writer. When I first started blogging, I wondered about what unique voice I could bring. I’ve landed on this one line: A country girl goes to church.

  • Hyla

    This is so sweet!

    • Thanks Hyla!! I hope we all have long lists of why we need our significant other.

  • This is such a wonderful and sweet post! I love how you took the things most people wouldn’t think about to put them into this list, like the comment about writing down detailed instructions for the hardware store. So sweet!

    • So many of the things on this list are what make us different. I think that’s why they stand out to me. Choosing to love my guy in all his uniqueness!

  • Nina Leicht-Crist

    How sweet is this?!

    • Thanks Nina! The list came pretty easily, which I hope speaks to the health of our relationship.