Wild at Heart

05 Feb, 2014 at 2:30 pm | Written by: Michelle Garwood

Valentines are a pretty big deal at my house, what about yours?  Each year my daughter and I spend several days brainstorming and planning what we will make.  Many of our favorite ideas involve using natural elements.  With a little creativity, you can make some very personal and beautiful gifts for the ones you love.  And in addition to being unique, these Valentines have the advantage of being either free or of minimal expense. 

Melt their Heart (see cover photo)

Weather permitting, wouldn’t it be fun to surprise your favorite neighbor or the grandparents with some lawn art? 

Love Note on a Stickvalentine twig treeWho says bare branches can’t be breathtaking?  Send the kiddos outside to collect some small to medium-sized sticks and then decorate as you please with pretty papers, ribbon, doilies, etc.

Fly Away Love

valentine bird seed

Show your appreciation to the bird lover in your life by making some sweet little homemade bird feeders. 

Love Rocks

valentine rock

Add a little weight to your message this year. 


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