2015… Wow.

Isn’t that strange?

It’s 20freaking15.

Doesn’t it seem like we were just partying like it was 1999??

Anyways… I digress.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Are you as excited about 2015 as I am? It is going to be a smashing year for me – I can feel it in my bones. I’m finally going to graduate (I’m considering asking everyone to call me Master Danell for an undetermined amount of time after I am handed my long-awaited diploma), my daughter will start (gasp) kindergarten this fall,  and this is the year I turn the big 3-0 (is it strange I’m slightly excited about this?).  How are you feeling about this new year? I’m hoping you see it as an opportunity for a brand-spanking-new fresh start. Was 2014 a lackluster year for you? Maybe it brought a lot of gray clouds and hard times. I get that – I do. 2013 was my stormy year. But girl (or man), it’s time for you to heed the wise words of Taylor Swift and, “Shake it off. Just shake it off”  and start shaking it to the new tune that 2015 is singing for you.

 No, I’m not talking about New Year’s resolutions – you have enough of that talk being thrown at you right now… I’m talking about seeing 2015 as the year of embracing the possibilities, taking chances, running after opportunities, and leaping into new adventures. 2015 can be the year you meet the you you’ve wished to become or the you that you didn’t even know existed.

I have nothing against resolutions – I’m actually a big fan. I believe “resolutions” are just a fancy New Year word for “goals.” And goals are great. Goals push us forward, give us something to aspire to, and help us focus our intentions. However, they can occasionally give you tunnel vision and when we become so goal-oriented or focused on our plan, there is a greater chance of missing out on beautiful things. Goals and 5-year-plans are good, but so is allowing yourself the freedom to take what comes your way.

I am encouraging you and challenging you to be open. Open to unforeseen opportunities and unplanned adventures. This may mean taking a detour from your well-thought-out paved path or perhaps throwing out your personally designed map altogether.

This can be hard… I mean, I’m speaking to you as a 99.9% Type-A individual. A professor recently called me “intense” when comparing me to someone else who they defined as “laid back.” Spontaneous is not typically a word that is used to describe me and I’ve been known to plan things to death. However, I have been really working on letting go of my expectations and my personally designed goals. Over the past year I have been holding on to the phrase, “let go and go.” I want 2015 to be the year that I EMBRACE life and all that comes with it. As much as I hate to admit it, I don’t know what the next day, week, or month holds. But I do know that I can make the best out of it – make the greatest out of it.

You may think this was a somewhat obscure post… and I’m okay with that – because, isn’t life obscure? We never know what’s around the bend and some things don’t have meaning until years later. I just hope that you see the intense beauty 2015 holds for you and that you suck all the life out of this year that you can.

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Danell Will

Danell is a Kearney native who recently moved to Northwest Arkansas. She is the happy wife to a tall, bearded red-headed man and a mother to a feisty, but very loveable, red-headed 5-year-old girl. In May, she graduated with her Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has since taken a short break from working and studying to be at stay-at-home mom. She enjoys (in no particular order) dance parties in the living room, downward dog, a good cup of chai, books that want to make you stay up until 2am, meaningful conversations over a glass of wine, and reflecting on this messy, but always beautiful life.