5 Gifts Money Can’t Buy

5 Gifts Money Can't Buy
Written by Her View From Home

Christmas is becoming synonymous with gifts.  However, not only material things or items can be given as Christmas presents. Most of the time, those gifts that money can’t buy are more precious and special.

Here’s a few ideas for you this holiday season!  

  1. Personalized Christmas card for your significant other – when was the last time you gave a letter to your significant other? Gone are the days of writing love letters and personalized cards because everything is electronic these days. One click of a button and you can send a greeting card to people from different parts of the world. However, the touch of a personalized greeting card is still different.  This holiday, why don’t you create a personalized Christmas card for your significant other complete with dedication and pictures?
  2. A long and undisturbed good night sleep for your wife – being a mom is not easy. In fact, it is probably the most difficult occupation in the entire world. She barely gets to sleep every night because she worries about the baby and attends to its every need.  This Christmas, allow her to sleep for long hours. Volunteer to take care of the baby and everything else in the home. To make her sleep more comfortable make sure to clean and arrange the room accordingly.  If you’d like to make this gesture extra special, we suggest bed sheets and fleece blankets from Harris Scarfe.  Breakfast in bed the following morning is a great way to top off this gift!  
  3. Home-cooked meal for your parents – your parents used to prepare your meals when you were kids. Turn the table now and prepare a special lunch with home-cooked food for them. Prepare their favorite dishes and drinks.
  4. A play date at the park with your kids – for little kids, time spent with their parents are always precious. With your busy schedule, you probably have little time to play with them. This Christmas, make sure to free your schedule for at least one day and spend it with your kids. You can visit the park and play everything they want.  They are your bosses for that day.
  5. Volunteering for Christmas Charity – spend Christmas by extending your blessings to others. You can volunteer for Christmas Charity that feed people for this special day. You can invite your family to join you in spending this day with the less fortunate brothers and sisters. It will make you feel good and genuinely happy.

Material things can make us happy but the gift of time and personal efforts leave forever marks in our hearts. It makes a person feel more special and loved. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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