Thank you Stephanie Behrens for sharing your story with us on adoption day!

Stephanie’s Story:

I had Sam my senior year of high school. When I try to pull those feeling back up and share them it’s so hard. To put into words how it felt to sign the papers and place him. I try to go back to those few days in the hospital that were mine with Sam. It’s hard to share those emotions in words. To find a way for others to understand what a horribly painful and beautiful thing it was and is for me.

We choose for him to be adopted by a family friend and it’s an open adoption. The first year was the hardest. Just getting to know each other and trying not to overstep boundaries. Looking back on the years I can honestly say I feel everything has been good the last 15 years.

Now Sam is almost 16, and they are an extended family to us! We visit frequently and he was the ring bearer in my wedding. He has come up to babysit and play with my twin boys Max and Cale. He calls the boys his ‘lil bros’ and he really likes to try and see what similar qualities he and the boys have. Last year he had his first formal dance. I went to his house, took pics and meet his date.

Stephanie and Sam

 Stephanie and Sam

I realize how nonchalant it may seem for me to say it’s all ok, and for us it is. Looking back I know I would not have chosen a different path. I wanted him to have the things that I knew at 17 I wouldn’t be able to provide for him. Just as all parents do, I only wanted the best for Sam. There are different forms of adoption and different circumstances for choosing adoption, open adoption is not for everyone. I choose open adoption because I wanted him to know that I loved him so much.

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