This year here in Nebraska it was quite chilly on Halloween night. I am not a fan of being outside when it’s cold. To help get through the night of trick or treating I found the perfect warm drink. This is one that can be made for adults only or for everyone.

With the many cold nights ahead of us, this is how I made this yummy drink!

Caramel Apple Cider

4 Cups of Apple Cider

1 Cup of Caramel Vodka or Caramel Coffee Syrup

1Tablespoon Cinnamon

1/4 Cup Brown Sugar


Mix apple cider, cinnamon, and brown sugar and stir (I used a whisk as I found the cinnamon mixes in better that way).

Heat. I mixed the ingredients in a crock pot and let them heat that way. Which made my house smell amazing! If you want it to heat faster, heat on the stove or in the microwave.

Once warm add caramel vodka (or caramel syrup)


This is one that you can follow the recipe or try out variations. The first time I made it I added more apple cider to the crockpot but not more cinnamon or brown sugar and it still tasted great. You could also add a little nutmeg or adjust the cinnamon or brown sugar to taste.

After testing it out on Halloween with the caramel vodka, I made another batch for a get together using the caramel coffee syrup. Either way it tastes delicious! I love this recipe as it heats well in a crockpot, which is perfect for all the upcoming holiday gatherings.


Kelly Maeser

Kelly is a Nebraska girl who is still trying to figure out what she is going to be when she grows up as she makes up stories and writes poetry. In addition to writing for Her View From Home. She had a poem published in Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraines, and is currently working on a collection of poetry and a YA novel. Kelly is taking a break from blogging, but you can follow her and her creative musing on Instagram (kellymaeserwriter), Twitter (@KellyMaeser) and Facebook (Kelly Maeser- Writer).