I love fairy tales. From the classic stories, to the movies and television shows inspired by the tale. Coming soon there will be many reboots and live action retellings of some of these classic fairy tales.The newest is Cinderella. It follows the old animated Disney Cinderella’s plot fairly closely, but with a new fresh take on the story.

There is more in the beginning with Cinderella’s life with her mother and father before their deaths (her mother’s when Cinderella was young and her father’s after the step mother comes into the picture) I liked the added back story that set up where Cinderella was shown how to have a good spirit filled with kindness and courage. As well the reason why the stepmother grew jealous of Cinderella before her father’s death.

The casting in this was superb. Lilly James (who I love in Downton Abbey) places Cinderella with the perfect amount of grace and sorrow. Cate Blanchett as the evil step mother shows not only her character’s cruelness, but how easily she could cast aside someone as sweet as Cinderella due to jealousy over her beauty and kind heart. Helen Bonham Carter is one of my favorite actresses and plays the part of fairy godmother with humor.  And Richard Madden (Game of Thrones fans will know him as Rob Stark) is wonderful as the prince who will stop at nothing to find his love who left him with only a glass slipper.

Cinderella 2015 Movie Review

This movie is appropriate for all ages, however I would be sure to prepare younger children that Cinderella’s mother and father die. And the prince loses his father to illness. Both scenes are very sad and I have found with my own children that if they know something like that is coming it softens the blow as the watch it. My daughter is 5 and had moments where the movie was a little slow for her liking.

Make sure to get there on time as before the movie is a Disney short called Frozen Fever. The short follows up with the two most beloved new Disney characters Anna and Elsa. Elsa tries to throw the perfect birthday party for Anna, but she is coming down with a cold. This short is hilarious and even my son who isn’t a fan of the princess movie enjoyed it.

If you are looking for a fun family movie this Easter weekend go check out Cinderella, costumes optional.

Cinderella 2015 Movie Review

Kelly Maeser

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