Dear Mr. Trump,

I’m about to ask a great deal from you. I’m in a state of mourning right now, as are many of my friends and loved ones. We were hoping for a different outcome. An outcome, that to us, seemed more promising to the future of our country but more importantly to the future of our children. You see, the fear and panic you worked so diligently to impress upon this nation was felt by millions, dare I say billions all around the world. We are witnessing this fear, some of us more than others. It will now be your responsibility to meet this head on. I expect you, as our future president, to address this fear and address it quickly.

At this blurry, confusing moment, I am asking three things of you. I’m sure this number will increase exponentially before the day is through but for now three is all I can wrap my mind around.

1. Shape up. Shape up Mr. Trump because in a few short hours I’m going to have to answer the looming question from my sweet, tender-hearted five year old “Who won, mama?! Who’s our next president?” I will answer honestly and I pray that he doesn’t cry. I pray that I don’t cry. Your actions have been disgraceful. Your words have been hurtful and dividing. My son has seen and heard you as you have been plastered all over our television set for the past 19 months. We couldn’t escape it even though we tried. He knows that his parents and many of his family members do not condone your actions. He knows that your behaviors have been wrong. It is now time for you to own up to your actions but more importantly work towards correcting them. Stop turning neighbor against neighbor, white against black, straight against gay, man against woman. Stop. Stop allowing your tongue to rule over you! Show some control. Show some integrity. The whole world is watching. We have been watching. You have an extremely uphill battle to fight against yourself. Please get it right.

2. Fix this. Fix the division you had a large part in creating. Yes, unfortunately, it was already there but you and others caused it to boil over in a way I have never before witnessed. I have loved ones terrified for the lives of their children because their skin color doesn’t match yours. I have a sister who, upon waking to the news, is crying this very moment, wondering if her battle for acceptance and equality is going to be even more heart wrenching than it already has been. It is now, more than ever, your responsibility to address these concerns and attempt to put these fears to rest. I pray that it is not too late for you to do that. I pray that God will use you for good. I pray that in the future you will respond with more love and less hate.

3. Be humble. Oh my, this will be so very difficult for you but I implore you, please try your hardest not to slam this down our throats. Boasting will not serve you well. Not now. Not in the future. Not ever. Please just don’t. Instead, show compassion for those mourning the loss of their expectations. This will take time to process. So much time.

In closing, Mr. Trump, give us a reason to take a second glance at you. Be better than you have been. Please take this immensely important position seriously. I beg you, as a Christian, as a mother, as an American, do better. Try harder.

Donald Trump by Gage Skidmore via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC BY-SA.

Becky Puls

Becky is the wife of Sean and mother to Jude, Rylan, and Indie. She resides in Kearney, Nebraska where she spent seven years teaching in a public elementary school. She recently resigned from that position to embrace the title of SAHM to her young children. She has more emotions than she knows what to do with and relies on God to steer her along this wondrous journey.