Congratulations, your candidate won – now what?

He says he wants to make America great again and you undoubtedly want that too. Well, the America of old is no more. Its face is rapidly changing. So if you’d like to make America great again, help the new president elect make things work.

You are signing up to help the new face of America.

What does the new face of America look like?

Look around you. Half of your neighbors are sad, angry and depressed. It is now up to you to reach out to them and let them know what you stand for.

To make America great again you have to be prepared to stand up for the oppressed, stand up for what is right, do not blind yourself to the truth. Open your eyes to reality and listen to the raw pain that comes out of their everyday experience.

America is black, America is Hispanic, America is Muslim, America is female, male, gay, undecided, transgender, young, old, millennial, and white. You can’t make America great again if YOU don’t do your part. You can’t make America great again if you only focus on one part of the populace.

You are the victors, now listen to the pain and do your part.

And I will too.

Joanna St. James

This Brit turned multinational, is a stay at home mum to two boys. She home schools, runs a business out of her home and writes. In her laughably spare time, she likes to be a church mouse, hoard crafts and books and her husband happily obliges her.