Door County Coffee & Tea Giveaway!

Door County Coffee & Tea Giveaway
Written by Leslie Means

Hi guys!

Comin’ at ya with a little information and giveaway from my favorite coffee company, ever.  

I know what you’re thinking.  “Oh, Leslie, thanks.  But we know these guys are advertisers and you’re just giving them high praise for being an advertiser.”

Come on.  I know you’re thinking that.  I would too.  But nope, that’s not true at all.  It’s just really good coffee.  And yes, my favorite.  Ever.  

I’ve talked about this at length on our Facebook videos, but I will tell you again. It’s smooth.  Like – not bitter.  I have no problems drinking it black and often even skip the “glug” of skim milk I usually include in my coffee.  My favorite flavor so far?  Heavenly Caramel.  It’s heavenly.  (Had to.)

And you guys, this company is family owned and based in Wisconsin.  A woman named Vicki Wilson is the founder. How cool would it be to sit down over a cup of HER coffee and have a chat!  I would love that.  Go powerful women – go!  

Here’s something else I think is important to mention.  Yes, they have coffee and tea and all you can imagine.  Yes, they are based in the United States and the family part is very cool.  But you know what I have found even more impressive? Their level of kindness.

The first impression e-mail I received from them several weeks back stuck with me.  I like nice people.  Nice people, spread kindness and goodness – which in their case means good coffee.  Quality coffee.  Not something just to make a profit, but something to make people happy.  Their business is their passion.  I can tell.  

Yes, a conversation through e-mail and several very good cups of coffee, helped me figure that out.

If you’re a coffee finantic, you’ll be happy to know their beans are of incredibly quality (top 2% in the world) and they have many, many different flavors to choose from!

So – give them a try.  All Her View fans can receive FREE SHIPPING with the code, HVFH.  Just type that in at check-out.  Plus, their prices are very reasonable (you’d spend the same at your local grocery store).

And now for giveaway details!   You can win a $50 Spring Coffee Prize Package with a variety of their Limited Time Only Spring & Summer coffees!

Here’s how:

1.  Like this post on Facebook.

2.  Leave a comment on this post on our Facebook page OR on this article.

3.  (Not required but encouraged) – head on over to the Door County Coffee & Tea Co. Facebook page and give them a like!

One winner chosen at random.  Contest ends on Sunday, April 24 at 10 pm.  Winner announced on Monday, April 25. Winner chosen at random.

Find Door County Coffee & Tea Co. – 

I want to leave you guys with this quote from the founder, Vicki Wilson.  In this quote, she describes how it felt to first open Door County Coffee & Tea Co.  Her dream – her passion.  It gave my chills!  

We trademarked the name and conducted serious research on our new found love, coffee.  The more we learned the more excited we got!  We were in the dream phase – all entrepreneurs experience it. You are so certain your idea is a winner that you feel it, you know it and you can hardly wait to begin! Was it blind stupidity?  Maybe, but we had enormous faith that our business plan could actually work!  A year and a half later, we opened our doors in the tiny village of Forestville, Wisconsin, population 412.

Feature Image found via Door County Coffee & Tea Co. Facebook Page

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  • I’ve summered in Door County all my life and still go every summer!! Scrolling though your site, I thought I was confused when I saw Door County on there! So cool! I’m excited to try their coffee and will have to stop by their store when we head up this summer!! 🙂