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Find Your Perfect Pillow (3 Tips) + Bruce Furniture $100 Gift Card Giveaway

Find Your Perfect Pillow (3 Tips) + Bruce Furniture $100 Gift Card Giveaway
Written by Leslie Means

Day 6 of our Shop Local Shop Kearney Campaign continues with Bruce Furniture!  Yet again, another incredibly kind, local business in Nebraska.  First up – how to find the perfect pillow.  Then, giveaway details.  Happy reading and happy shopping!  

Finding the right support for your body has everything to do with getting a good night’s sleep. This includes finding the perfect pillow! A comfortable and supportive pillow can help you rest more peacefully and keep you from waking up with neck pain or headaches. Here’s what to consider when choosing your new pillow: 

Fill Material

  • Polyester – Hypoallergenic and machine-washable, polyester fiber holds its shape well and is the most budget-friendly filling.
  • Down/feather – Down pillows do a good job of conforming to your head, shoulders, and neck for springy support. It’s a long-lasting and breathable natural material.
  • Memory foam – These pillows are good for neck support, molding to your shape as you move. A new foam pillow may initially have an unpleasant odor, but leave it out to air and it will fade.
  • Latex – Resistant to bacteria and dust mites, latex is a good choice if you have allergies.

Find Your Perfect Pillow (3 Tips)

Sleep Position 
The best support comes when your head rests in neutral alignment – that is, keeping your head squarely in line with your shoulders so your spine isn’t bent. 

  • Side – Side sleepers need firmer pillows to support the neck and head to keep them in alignment with the spine.
  • Back – A medium-support pillow will give you comfortable cushioning that’s not too high.
  • Stomach – Soft pillows are best so they don’t place undue strain on the neck or lower back. You may not even need a pillow for your head, but tucking a thin one under your hips can help avoid lower back strain.

You may find you need more than one type of pillow, or a pillow designed for multiple-position sleepers. They’re also sold in a variety of sizes. Standard pillows are 20 x 26 inches, but depending on your body frame, you may find you’re more comfortable with a narrower or longer pillow. 

If your pillow has gone flat, it’s no longer giving you any support and it’s time to be replaced. Old pillows also tend to contain skin cells, dust mites, or mold and mildew. Wash pillows (or the pillow protector in the case of memory foam pillows) regularly to increase their life. After 2 years, it’s time to toss them. 

Your pillow is responsible for 20% of your spinal alignment. With the right support you’ll notice the benefits of quality, healthful rest.


And now for the giveaway.  Friends, you can win a $100 gift card to Bruce Furniture!

Here’s how this works.  Throughout the month of November, you can enter into our shop local campaign.  (Here’s the direct details for all the giveaways.)  We will choose 10 winners.  Contest ends on November 30th at noon.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this story or on the shop local campaign.   

We also have an extra chance for you to enter to win!  Here’s how.  

1.  Head on over to the Bruce Furniture and Floor Coverings and give them a like!  (Here’s the direct link.)

2.  Like and leave a comment on this direct Facebook post (link found here).

That’s it!  That will get you an extra entry into our giveaway!  

And here’s more details about Bruce Furniture!

It is not “ABOUT US”…….It has always been “ABOUT YOU.”

Since 1977, when the first Bruce Furniture opened, our focus has been about you…the customer. And we don’t use the word “customer” in general terms. We are talking about you specifically. What you want in color, size, style, price, etc…not your neighbor, not your sister, not your co-worker. Just Right For You is what we live by every day at Bruce Furniture.

In the last 38 years, we have grown to four locations with stores in Alliance, Hastings, Holdrege and Kearney. This allows us to compete with the big chains in quantity buying and freight charges so you will always get the low price. As important, Bruce Furniture maintains that small town, family owned business attitude of taking care of each customer individually.

You’ll be a visitor only for a few minutes at Bruce Furniture. After that, you’ll be a friend! Yes, you’ll have friends in the furniture business who will work very hard to make everything Just Right For You.

Find Bruce Furniture online at Bruce and on Facebook.  


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