I recently caught one of my all time favorite movies on tv the other day. Ghostbuster fills me with memories from my youth and we often quote it in my family. It was rereleased last year for it’s 30th anniversary which made me think back to some of my other favorites movies from the 80s. While there are so many movies I would love to see as they first were shown on the silver screen, I have narrowed it down to five (It was really hard for me to pick just five). From family movie nights, sick days from school, sleep overs with friends, or just because I loved the movie so much; I have watched these more times than I can count. Each one holds a special place in my childhood memories. In no particular order here are 5 movies I would most like to have be re-released.

 1.The Princess Bride:
A sick young boy’s grandfather comes to read him a favorite story. A story of love and adventure, betrayal and revenge. I love a good fairy tale. With the flash from grandfather telling the story of the princess bride, to seeing the story unfold. This classic tale of love and adventure never gets old.

 2. Clue:
Based on the Hasbro game six strangers are invited to a mansion and given 
Pseudonyms (Ms. Scarlett, Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, and Mr. Green), and forced to discover why they were invited to the strange dinner party. As the night goes they must solve the mystery of who killed Mr. Body, among other things. With an all star cast of some of the best comedic actors ever, this movie is on my top ten favorite movies ever. I just love it. 

Clue, Movies, 80s

 3. The Goonies:
With the future of their homes up in the air a group of friends ttys to find a lost pirate ship rumored to be in the area. Lost pirate treasure, friendship, adventure, and a heartwarming ending; this movie has it all. 

 4. Back to the Future:
Accidentally sent back in time Marty McFly botches his parents first meeting and needs to fix the past before he is erased in the future. I love every movie in this trilogy (especially the 1st and 3rd). This is one of those movies that when I watch it as an adult I realize how much really does go over the head of children.

Back to the Future, movies, 80s

 5. Adventures In Babysitting:
After her boyfriend cancels a date Chris Parker accepts a job babysitting for the night. What she thinks will be just another predicable night changes when her best friend calls to say she ran away and needs rescued from the bus station. Kids in tow Chris takes them into the big bad city where a series of events sends them on a grand adventure. This was a favorite sleep over movie back in my youth. 


What would be on your list of movies to see again or for the first time in the theater?

Kelly Maeser

Kelly is a Nebraska girl who is still trying to figure out what she is going to be when she grows up as she makes up stories and writes poetry. In addition to writing for Her View From Home. She had a poem published in Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraines, and is currently working on a collection of poetry and a YA novel. Kelly is taking a break from blogging, but you can follow her and her creative musing on Instagram (kellymaeserwriter), Twitter (@KellyMaeser) and Facebook (Kelly Maeser- Writer). http://kellymaeser.blogspot.com/