Written By:  Kelly Maeser @ Pieces of Me

This past weekend I went on a jaunty adventure along the roads of Nebraska’s Junk Jaunt. I found myself quite smitten with this 3 day treasure search. Due to having a child in school on Friday, a husker game on Saturday night, and my hubby’s birthday on Sunday; we only hit the Junk Jaunt trail on Saturday with the promise to my husband we would be back in Kearney before 7pm to watch the game.

We spent most of the time in Cairo and I was very pleased by the vendors they had there. We had a rather large group; including 3 Texans who came up just to check out what the Junk Jaunt was all about. They were also very pleased with what they found and plan on coming back next year if they can. Some of the vendors/garage sales are more junk than treasure, but with so many places in each town or village you are more than likely to find something interesting.

My dad sells seed corn so he brought along his trailer just in case we found something super awesome that was also very big. Alas we didn’t need the trailer this year anyway. I did find some random things that I had to get. I spent under $30 and got a few things that fit all of the things I love.

My major in college was English Lit and I’m drawn to books. I always look through books at things like this. I found a book called “Twelve Centuries of English Poetry and Prose” that had a copyright date of 1910. I also found a bottle of calligraphy ink that has a label I love.

At one vendor they were selling an old game board for the game Clue for $1 because they didn’t have all of the pieces to the game. I plan on getting it framed and hanging up in the toy room for now, and then eventually in our basement when we get it finished. The date on the board is 1949, which makes me love it all the more.

I also found a unique picture frame that has three frames that hang from a decorative rod. I love photography and have tons of pictures up at my house, so I’m always looking for cool frames or ways to get the pictures I love on display. Lastly I found a wine box that holds two bottles of wine. I plan on using it with the décor above the cabinets in the kitchen. Our cabinets are rather tall so I can’t get anything too tall to put up there or it hits the ceiling.

I love things like the Junk Jaunt, especially now that I’m addicted to pinterest. I see so much potential in things that are being discarded. I also have a junk/antique wish list that I hope to fulfill on future jaunts. I would LOVE to find (and have them be in my price range) an old typewriter, a card catalog, an old wooden church pew, and old wooden theater seats.

Did any of you of you find anything fabulous this past weekend?

Kelly Maeser

Kelly is a Nebraska girl who is still trying to figure out what she is going to be when she grows up as she makes up stories and writes poetry. In addition to writing for Her View From Home. She had a poem published in Migraine Expressions: A Creative Journey through Life with Migraines, and is currently working on a collection of poetry and a YA novel. Kelly is taking a break from blogging, but you can follow her and her creative musing on Instagram (kellymaeserwriter), Twitter (@KellyMaeser) and Facebook (Kelly Maeser- Writer). http://kellymaeser.blogspot.com/