You can’t map out your life. You just have to follow the road signs along the way.

Jennifer Sill grew up on a farm near a small town in Nebraska.  When she was young she knew what road she wanted.  The one that led straight out of town towards the big city.

She had irrigated before pivots, went to church picnics, played all the sports she could and had a wonderful childhood but she dreamed of making it big.  She wanted out of her small-town life.  She wanted to go places and see things.

After graduating with a class of 13, Jennifer went to the University of Nebraska at Kearney and took a job at the Nebraska Television Network — the local TV station.  The station located in the middle of the cornfield was the way out of Nebraska.  She followed her career path higher and focused on one day producing for CNN.  She worked in Fort Myers and then Miami.  In fact, she produced news at a station that would have been THE road straight to cable news. 

But there was a problem.  Jennifer didn’t like the news in the city.  They told her..

“If it bleeds it leads,” “Fire makes good TV,” “If there’s an accident on the freeway, send a live helicopter.”

What good was she doing?  Who was she helping?  Who cares?  Those good ol’ Midwestern values kicked in.

So, she took a turn — a U turn.  She moved back to Nebraska — a place that does care.  She worked as a manager at the TV station there and created features that shined the spotlight back on the area.  She organized drives for local troops, she created rules that highlighted victims of crimes and ways to prevent crimes rather than focusing on the criminal.  She also created the first ever local talk show in Central Nebraska to specifically highlight local artists and business owners of all kinds.  Although it wasn’t the map she would have chosen as a young girl, this was a great place to be.

Then something even more wonderful happened.  She had to throw another map out the window.  Jennifer and her husband Eric started a family — a little unexpectedly.

And so another fork in the road took Jennifer on the best ride of her life — Motherhood.  She’s always been in the hustle and bustle of a newsroom. Now her two kiddos keep her hopping.  She couldn’t be happier.

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