Thursday night I had my first Moscow Mule.

It was perfect in every way possible.

No, I’m not just being dramatic. I can’t think of a better summer drink. Guys this is so good. I’m pretty sure it’s the copper mug. No really… need to make this guy in a copper mug. It keeps it really cold and maybe even makes the whole thing taste better?

Yes. I think so.

Copper Mugs aren’t the cheapest thing in the world (think a little more expensive than a red solo cup) but they would make a nice gift set for someone who loves this drink!

 I think you’ll like this.

It’s not too sweet – pretty much perfect. Be sure to add a good chunk of lime in there too.

Cheers to summer!

Moscow Mule

You will need:

  • Copper Mugs
  • 1.5 shot of vodka
  • 1 shot lime juice
  • ice
  • ginger beer
  • limes

To make:

Put ice in copper mug. Pour in vodka, lime juice and fill the rest with the ginger beer. Be sure to include a slice or two of lime!


feature image came from my old boss – and good friend who introduced me to these tasty drinks!


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