You are a fighter.

You have fought to become a mother, you have fought for your family, and you have fought in the darkness while the rest of the world is asleep. You have felt like your candle has burned out, its wick still sizzling until there is no more flame and you have given up. You have cried out, but no one has heard your cry. You have stood under the stream of a shower, tears falling like the morning dew on a stained glass window, longing for release. You are a fighter.

You are a warrior.

You have held a child within your body, creating battle wounds only visible to you and a reminder of the love that you have won. You have held up your shield when the world pushed you away and made you feel hopeless. You have beat yourself up inside, all while faking a smile, but you have conquered. You are a warrior.

You are a peacemaker.

You have held your family together, while letting yourself go. You have given and expected nothing in return. You have given your all; your innocent, pure and unconditional love. You have learned the art of patience. You are a peacemaker.

You are a superhero.

Each day when you wake, you put on your mask and your cape, ready to go to war. You juggle getting your children ready, daycare, work, grocery shopping, dinner, reading, playing and bedtime. You face the day’s challenges, the good, the bad and the messy. You are tired and overwhelmed, yet you keep pushing. You are a superhero.

You are a mother.

You have fought to get to this place. You have spent endless hours away from home working for your family. You have sacrificed your body, mind and soul. You have nourished your family with home cooked meals, healed wounds, made sacrifices, stayed up all night and tossed and turned while wondering how you will get through the next day. You are a mixture of grace and strength. You have put your happiness last, you have taught lessons and you have learned to forgive yourself. You are not a quitter. You are beautiful. You have made it and you will continue to make it, because you are a mother. 

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Amber Dupuy

I am a wife and mother to a little boy. I enjoy spending time with my family , home decor, writing and gardening.