Oh hey there, friends. It’s just me, posing in a bra for all the world to see.

“We see that, Leslie. What’s up?”

Thanks for asking.

Guys, I’m not good with nursing bras. My sister told me recently, “You know, if you would just get a nice bra, nursing would be even easier.”

Lies, I thought. Lies. Who wants to spend money on a bra that will get spit up soaked anyway?

Me. That would be me. And I should have done this months ago. 

I found CAKE Maternity a few weeks back and am now hooked. Guys, this nursing bra (I’m wearing the sleep bra) is comfortable and looks pretty and (shocker) actually makes it easier to nurse baby.

No, really. 

The back is snug like a sports bra (and so needed to keep those puppies secure) which means it also doesn’t move and shift at night when sleeping. The sides fold down easily to nurse and the extra cool part? There’s pockets in there for your nursing pads which means those won’t move either.

As in, I can wear this thing all night (and day) without any leaking.

That’s a win.

Here’s the bra I’m wearing.

They have a huge variety of items online including sleepwear, workout gear, numerous bras and more. These would make a great gift for the expecting mama in your life. And if YOU are the expecting mama, buy this for yourself. You deserve it!

I wish I wouldn’t have waited so long.

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Leslie Means

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