Once upon a time, I found out I was going to have a Christmas baby. Well, actually, his due date was December 31st, but since this was my third rodeo, I was fairly confident that he’d make his appearance before Christmas. And as mothers so often are (holla if you heard me!), I was right. My third baby, Jonah, was born December 17, 2010. I have to admit, I was at first a little worried about having a December baby. I’d seen it all before in my family: this kid’s birthday was going to be eclipsed by Christmas, no doubt. Let’s just say, I had to go ahead and put those fears aside. If I’d planned it (and, ahem, I so did not plan it!), I would have tried to land that birthday in a less holiday-laden month.

Happily, I’m here to say that from the moment I first laid eyes on this kid, I knew he wouldn’t have to be worried about being eclipsed or overshadowed by a thing. And this morning, thanks to a few different studies, I can definitively say that science agrees with me: December babies are extra special! (And I mean, look!!)

December babies

Did your uterus just skip a beat? I knoooow! 

But seriously. Not only do December babies make the Christmas season even more joyous and magical (there is nothing like a newborn at Christmas to drive the true meaning home!), but multiple scientific publications actually say that December babies are the most unique of all. So, while like me, all the mamas of December babies have known forevvver that our kids are extra-special, we now have the evidence to back it up! 

First of all, December-born kiddos are numerically unique: December is literally the month when the least number of babies are born. So right off the bat, there are fewer December babies than any other month! (Naturally, I was born in September, the most common month for anyone to born. Ho-hum.)

Secondly, a study from the Journal of Aging Research states that December babies are likely to live longer than the rest of us. So, while my December babe may be prematurely aging me (that 3rd kid will get ya, man), he can expect to live a long, full, life. He will most likely have more time to make friends, explore our amazing world through travel, love others well, and give back than the rest of us will. Since I think he is pretty much the most amazing human ever, I’m pretty excited at the thought of all the ways he can change the world with some extra years on this planet. 

(I did tell you he’s unique, right?)

december babies

A third thing that sets our December babies apart? They’re more likely to be early risers, according to a a study of Italian and Spanish college students. Yeah . . . I could have called this one as well. I have to force my little guy to stay in bed until 8 a.m. on weekends and holidays under threat of punishment, and he always comes in bed with my husband and I by seven to “snuggle” (i.e., try to annoy us into getting up early) on non-school days. Well. Not only does this child most likely have more days on this earth, but thanks to his penchant for early rising, he also has more hours in the day! Basically, he has no excuse not to be a major world changer, am I right?

Bottom line: if you’re a mom to a December baby, don’t worry about all they will “miss out on” by having a birthday so close to Christmas. Thanks to your amazing gene pool and the timing of their birth, they’re pretty much the most awesome kiddos on the planet! I’m so, so, thankful that eight years ago I had a baby eight days before Christmas. His birth made that Advent season—and every one since—even more joyous and miraculous than ever before. 

If you’re a December baby mama, I’m giving you a virtual high-five and a smug little head nod today—our kids are the best! 

Jenny Rapson

Jenny Rapson is a follower of Christ, a wife and mom of three from Ohio and a freelance writer and editor. You can find her at her blog, Mommin' It Up, or follow her on Twitter.