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Shop Local – Chapman Swifts Coffee House ($25 gift card giveaway)

Shop Local - Chapman Swifts Coffee House ($25 gift card giveaway)
Written by Leslie Means

Hi.  Yeah.  I’ll take a large black coffee with a bit of skim milk, please.  K?  K.  Thanks.

*Words spoken every time I drive through Chapman Swifts Coffee House.*

Guys, I like coffee.  A lot.  I didn’t use to like coffee.  My go to caffeine of choice back in the day was diet coke.  (A lot of diet coke.)  Then one day I woke up and decided pop was gross and coffee was the way to go.

It seems better to be hooked on coffee than pop, right?  RIGHT?  

Movin’ on.

If you, like me, enjoy a cup of Joe, I recommend Chapman Swifts Coffee House in downtown Kearney.  These guys are part of our fantastic Shop Local Shop Kearney campaign.  If you’re just learning about this campaign, you may not realize that all the businesses associated are the bomb diggity.  And I don’t just say that to say that, folks.  I say it, cause it’s true.  I like to do business with bomb diggity businesses.  Don’t you?  

I’m throwing out the big words today, friends.  Diggity.  I’m sure my journalism professors would be so proud.  

Chapman Swifts is authentic.  As in, they have single-origin coffee beans which go straight from small farms worldwide directly to their artisan roaster in Portland.  

Right, Les.  Cool.  So what exactly does that mean?

That means, friends – that your cup of coffee will taste really, really good.  It’s rich, smooth, fresh and full of flavor.

Got it?  Awesome.

Along with coffee, these guys have smoothies and tasty treats (scones, people.  SCONES) and other fun drinks like hot cocoa and frappe.  I don’t know what frappe is, but it sounds fancy.  And I like fancy.

But I mostly like coffee.  Just coffee, with a glug of skim milk.  But it’s OK if you like fancy.  Clearly they do that too.  And all the holiday flavors you love?  Yep.  On it.  

Ooh, a couple more notes for you guys.  They are downtown on the bricks (which is totally cute) and the inside of their shop has 60s and 70s decor, aka, my favorite.  Ever.  Bonus fun?  They also have live music on Thursday nights! 

Shop Local - Chapman Swifts Coffee House ($25 gift card giveaway)

Here’s where you can find them!

Address:  2400 Central Avenue, Kearney 

Website, Facebook, Twitter

Phone:  (308) 237-5211 (shop)  //  (503) 757-0274 (events and catering)

Bonus:  Watch this fun NTV clip

And now for giveaway details.

Here’s how this works.  Throughout the month of November, you can enter into our shop local campaign.  (Here’s the direct details for all the giveaways.)  We will choose 10 winners.  Contest ends on November 30th at noon.  All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment on this story or on the shop local campaign.   

We also have an extra chance for you to enter to win a $25 gift card to Chapman Swifts!  Here’s how.  

1.  Head on over to Chapman Swifts Coffee House and give them a like!  (Here’s the direct link.)

2.  Leave a comment on this direct Facebook post (link found here).

That’s it!  That will get you an extra entry into our giveaway!  

Good Luck, friends!  

Shop Local - Chapman Swifts Coffee House ($25 gift card giveaway)

Shop Local - Chapman Swifts Coffee House ($25 gift card giveaway)

Shop Local - Chapman Swifts Coffee House ($25 gift card giveaway)

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