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Shop Local – DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!

Written by Leslie Means

Guys, I have so much respect for all business owners.  Truly.  It’s such a passion and love for service that gets these local business men and women up each morning.

I could see it when I met Stacey in her beautiful store that she owns with her mother-in-law, Jocelyn.  You can read all about them below, but can I mention one thing that got my attention right away?

Everything in their shop is under 59 bucks.  WHAT?  Yes.  Sign me up.  Plus, they give back in so many ways and they’re sticking to the kindness theme – like all of the businesses we’ll be highlight in the next few weeks.  Seriously – so nice.  I like nice.  One more note – they carry sizes from XS-3XL and 0-22W.  Something for everyone!  

Here’s their story in Stacey’s words.    

Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!

Jocelyn and I are in-laws who came together in search of a fun way to be involved in our community. I had always dreamed of owning a boutique someday and Jocelyn was already a small business owner of Ironside Gym here in Kearney. 
We are Kearney locals who saw an opportunity to own a popular small business in our community and dove in head first! We are learning every day what our customers are looking for and are doing our best to incorporate that with our style. We love the idea of handmade and made in the USA, so we have started working toward having the majority of our products fit those descriptions.
In fact, we started our own line, EdithJoi, that is all custom hand-stitched apparel. EdithJoi also has two specialty lines, LocalLove and BabyLove. LocalLove is all about our community with themes ranging from local schools to outreach projects such as cancer awareness and prevention.
Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!
We donate 20% of our awareness sales to research agencies that benefit our community. BabyLove is our newest line which is our custom hand-stitched only on a smaller scale! This line is for ages newborn to 5T. New mommies are sure to love this sweet little gift!
Along with our custom lines we also have a few “give back” lines that we think are pretty great! Our favorite is our line of natural accessories that are handmade in Africa from seeds and grasses. A portion of the sale goes back to the women who make these necklaces for community wellness such as clean water and well building. These accessories are very unique and fun to layer.
Jocelyn and I wanted our store to be a place that anyone can shop and feel comfortable, so we made everything affordable and changed our size ranges. We don’t have anything in our shop that costs over $59.00, that includes jeans and boots, and our sizes range from XS-3XL in tops and 0-22W in pants! Being a college student at UNK, I understand living on a budget so that was important to us. 
Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!
For the holiday season we have added a few new lines of handmade in the USA products that we thought were just too fun to resist. They range from chocolates that are small batch made with crazy flavors such as cereal and milk and birthday cake. We also found a few small apothecaries that make skin care lines and makeup. 
Along with our holiday lines, we carry Senegence products which are made right here in the USA as well. You might know Senegence better by their number one product, LipSense. We have become very fond of this line because every product we have tried has been amazing! All of the products that Senegence makes are vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, and wax and lead free so they are super healthy for you and the environment as well.
Jocelyn and I are working really hard to give Kearney and the surrounding area a store with uncommon products that are tried and true to their description. We will continue to add made in the USA and handmade products while never skimping on quality and affordability. We hope that you will visit us this holiday season and beyond for that special little gift that is out of the ordinary!

Giveaway Item:  A custom EdithJoi hoodie. Valued at $55.00 (You decide what design/color to choose!)

Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!

Here’s how this works.  From today until the 11th of December, you can enter into our shop local giveaway campaign. (Here’s the direct details for all the giveaways.) We will choose 10 winners.  Contest ends on December 11th at 11:59 p.m. Winners will be announced on Monday, December 12.  All you have to do to enter, is leave a comment on this story or on the shop local campaign.   

*Extra chance to enter on Facebook here!

Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!

Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!

Deja Vu Fashion

Address:  5110 2nd Avenue, Suite C  Kearney, Nebraska




Phone Number:  (308)455-1486

Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!

Shop Local - DeJa Vu Fashion + Giveaway!


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