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Shop Local – Look What’s Cookin’ + Giveaway!

Shop Local - Look What's Cookin' + Giveaway!
Written by Leslie Means

Mike Suchan (the owner of Look What’s Cookin‘) and I go back.  Waaay – back, to the TV days of the past.  He used to come on a show I hosted called, NTV’s Good Life.  (He still does, of course.  My TV days, however, are a thing of the past.)  Every time he showed up and shared his latest kitchen gadgets, I would use the following descriptive terms;  “Wow!  That’s cute.”  “Oh my gosh, I love that cute spatula, cute dish towel, cute tea pot and cute apron.”  

You get the picture.  The word cute was always used.  

Mike Suchan is the owner of Look What’s Cookin’ and he has grown his cute business into the largest independent kitchen store in Nebraska.  

Wow.  Not bad, Mike.  Not bad.

Guys, they have a little bit of everything.  Cookware, (think big brands like All-Clad and Le Creuset – just to mention two), cutlery, bridal registration, bakeware, housewares, linens and more.  

What I love from Mike’s store are the unique gadgets and the brightly colored items I can display.  No, really.  Here’s my all time favorite:
Shop Local - Look What's Cookin'

Tea’s done, folks!  It even made a little appearance in a photo shoot on Her View.  See him back there?  Told ya, cute.

Shop Local - Look What's Cookin'

Something else that’s cute?  This apron.  I don’t know, folks.  I just like cute things.  And if we’re being really honest, I don’t actually USE this apron (yeah, I don’t cook).  It just hangs on my wall – because, cute.

I know!  I had to.  

Shop Local - Look What's Cookin'

You can find your own cute kitchen gear online at or visit him downtown Kearney on the bricks at 2110 Central Ave.  Give em’ a call, too at (308) 234-5544.

And now, for the giveaway details!

We have a Le Creuset  3.5 qt. Rectangular Casserole ($100 value!) for you!  

Shop Local - Look What's Cookin' + Giveaway!

Here’s how this works.  Throughout the month of November, you can enter into our shop local campaign.  (Here’s the direct details for all the giveaways.)  We will choose 10 winners.  Contest ends on November 30th at noon.  All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this story or on the shop local campaign, to be entered.  

We also have an extra chance for you to enter to win!  Here how.  

1.  Head on over to Look What’s Cookin’ Facebook page and give them a like!

2.  Share this post on social media (here’s the direct link!).

3.  Be sure to leave a comment on the Facebook thread so we can get you in to win!

This will get you an extra entry.  

Good Luck!

Here’s details about their upcoming holiday open house!

  • Sunday, November 8
  • 12:00 pm – 5:30 pm
  • Look What’s Cookin’ – 2110 Central Ave
  • Holiday treats and special giveaways/discounts in the store!  

Find them online:

Find them on Facebook

Shop Local - Look What's Cookin' + Giveaway!

Shop Local - Look What's Cookin' + Giveaway!

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