Ummmm… let me just start by saying, I am not a big Trump fan. And I know. That’s gonna ruffle some feathers out there. Let me also tell you, I am not a big Hillary fan. That’s also gonna ruffle some feathers. I’m sure. And that’s okay. Because people who like candidates should feel strongly about why they like them. And I am a highly apolitical person. One who watched all of both conventions. One who is trying desperately to figure out if the Libertarian candidate will be in on the debates. One who just isn’t sure who I will cast my vote for. Knowing that I absolutely want to vote. 

You know who I do like? Chelsea Clinton. And Ivanka Trump. After watching both of them speak over this election season and represent their respective parties, these are women I like. Even, dare I say, admire. 

And you know what they both have in common. Babies. They both have had them. They both have them, in fact. They both take those babies places. In fact, according to the commentator the other evening on’s coverage of the DNC, Chelsea Clinton actually had to nurse as she practiced her speech because her babe is five and a half weeks old and she is a nursing mother. 

Well, Donald Trump, today, shared his feelings about a woman who brought her child into his speaking engagement in Ashburn, Virginia today. According to CNN.COM

Donald Trump, trying to reassure a distressed mother with a crying baby, said Tuesday that he loves hearing babies cry at his rallies and told her not to worry — only to change his mind just a moment later.

-Ashley Kilough, CNN

I actually can’t blame Trump for having an opinion on someone bringing their baby into his event. I mean, people have been having opinions about what places are appropriate for children for years — restaurants, concerts, sporting events, weddings, and much much more — and everyone is entitled to their opinion. 

What lost me is did he want the baby there or not? Did he forget he didn’t like babies when he said he liked them? Did he forget that not everyone has a nanny to take care of their child when they desperately want to see their choice for future prez of the US or {gasp!} they want to bring their child?

Watching this clip makes me feel like Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama, “You have a baby… IN A BAR?!”

What do you think of the most recent media craze of the Don’s words? Also, if you are a Don lover, do you think he truly just has a funny sense of humor? Do tell…

Video via CNN

Ashli Brehm

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