We’re currently doing the “two” thing at our house.

You know, the age where your sweet, little baby turns into a super lovely and reasonable toddler

Yeah, two. 

We’re doing the twos. 

And quite honestly, two has been pretty savage so far. 

There’s been a lot of: 





Followed by some: 



Kicking and screaming. 

And my personal favorite, throwing of hard toys on the floor. 

Good times had by all. 

I’ve taken to coping by hitting the drive-thru for a milkshake two times a day and sobbing quietly behind my cupboard door while portioning Goldfish crackers into bowls. 

Two you guys. Two looks cute. Two has the voice of an angel—a gosh darn angel I tell you. Two even makes me laugh that good belly laugh from time to time—but two is totally kicking. my. behind. 

From what I hear though, this is a breeze compared to the threenage years and the ever popular fournados. 

So thankfully, with that breath of fresh air, I know there are worse things to come.

This article originally appeared on Grow Up Glamour by Anneliese Lawton

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