Her View From Home welcomes new writers! We currently have over 1000 contributors on the site in all categories including: family, parenting, kids, relationships, faith and grief. Please familiarize yourself with our website before submitting content.

We pay for original and previously published content. We also accept “timely” pieces in response to current events. We suggest articles be in the 600-800-word range. If you are interested in writing for us, please read the details below and hit the “submit” button to send us your content.

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Please include the following: 

  1. Name and e-mail address
  2. Have you been previously published on Her View From Home?
  3. Your blog/website and related social media accounts (please link; if you don’t have one or any of these, that’s OK)  
  4. Let us know if this is content original to Her View (not published anywhere before, including your own blog or social media sites) OR a previously published piece. If it is timely, note that in the title.
  5. A brief biography (2-4 sentences is fine).
  6. Gravatar.com e-mail address or attached photo for author bio.
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We pay our writers!

Payments are based on unique pageviews that are recorded for 30 days after your original or previously published article goes live. Your piece is promoted on at least one Her View From Home social media platform and we encourage you to promote it as well.

After your piece is published, unique pageviews will be tracked for 30 days. You will be able to check views during your 30-day payment window through a personalized dashboard you will receive when your submission is scheduled.  

After 30 days, it is your responsibility to check your views and email an invoice to [email protected] on or before the 1st of each month. To obtain your 30-day total, log into your personalized dashboard, and invoice accordingly from the pay scale.

Your invoice MUST include: (1) your name, (2) your article title, (3) your PayPal email address, (4) the corresponding payment due, and (5) a screenshot showing the article title and total pageviews. 

Once your 30-day views report is complete, invoices are due at the end of the month (for example, if your article’s 30-day window ends Nov. 5th, your invoice would be due by Nov. 30th). Payments are sent out via PayPal in the first week of the following month. Please note a small transaction fee is deducted from the payment total, per PayPal regulations.

You must send your email invoice and screenshot within 60 days of the close of your views window. We cannot process invoices after a 60-day period.


Original Content:

  • 0-999 views: $10
  • 1K – 1,999K views: $20
  • 2K – 2,999K views: $30
  • 3K-3,999K views: $60
  • 4K+ views: $100

Previously Published Content:

  • 0-9,999 views: $0
  • 10,000+ views: $50

Her View From Home reserves the right to decide which articles to publish and/or pay. Articles must fit our mission. By submitting, you are verifying that Her View From Home has the right to publish this work. If Her View From Home chooses to run your article, we will contact you with specific details on the next steps to take. Restrictions may apply.

Please follow all submission guidelines and allow two weeks for a response. Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Thank you for understanding! 

*We try to respond within two weeks of your submission. Thank you for your patience! Due to the overwhelming number of requests per day, please follow submission guidelines in their entirety. Writers who do not will not receive a response. Thank you for understanding! 


How to write a great article!

Write from the heart. Readers can tell if you write something just for the views. Instead, share your real emotions. Be genuine, be heartfelt, be you.

Keep your article around 600-800 words or less.

Share, share and share some more! Your friends and family want to read your story!

Don’t compare. Your story is unique and awesome. You are unique and awesome. Remember that when you write.

You will not be able to republish any piece originally published on Her View From Home with a third party site, nor shall any piece originally published on Her View From Home be allowed or caused to be republished by a third party. You may, however, request permission from Her View From Home to republish on your personal website or blog.


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I can’t find my email for my personalized dashboard? What should I do? Please check your spam and trash folders. Some email accounts (hotmail) are not receiving the emails. If this is happening to you, please email Leslie at [email protected] and she will send your log in details!
Do I always use the link to find my numbers? Yes. You can also click into your wordpress account and click the dashboard/view stats for your published articles to find your total count.
I forgot to send an invoice and it’s been over 60 days. Can I still send an invoice? Unfortunately, no. We can only process invoices sent in your 60-day window.
I’m a new user, but my email isn’t working? If this is your first published piece, you will not have an account. Your account will be active on the day your first article is published.
I would like my article to be anonymous. Can I still check my views? Views tracking is not available for anonymous pieces. We will contact you directly with your 30-day views total.
My social shares seem higher than my actual views. Why is that? Your views are tracked via Google Analytics. A view = how many times an actual person opened your article. Many times people share on social, but don’t actually read the piece.