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Her View From Home welcomes new writers!  We currently have over 650 contributors on the site in all categories including; family, parenting, kids, relationships, faith and grief. Please be familiar with our website before submitting content. We pay for original and previously published content. We also accept “timely” pieces with a response to current events. If you are interested in writing for us, please read the details below and hit the “submit” button to send us your content.

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We will need the following: 

  1. Your blog/website URL (If you don’t have one that’s OK)  
  2.  Your social media handles (please link)
  3. Let us know if this is an original article or a previously published piece. If it is timely, include that in the title as well. (Previously published includes your own blog and/or social pages.)
  4. Your name! (Also please let us know if you have ever been published on Her View From Home)
  5. Your writing sample. If it is original, please copy and paste the content into the text box (below). If it has been previously published, also copy and paste the content into the text box (below) and be sure to provide the link where your piece was previously published so we can give proper credit. We encourage articles to stay in the 600-800 word range. 
  6. A brief biography (2-4 sentences is fine). Please include any social media/blog links you would like included.
  7. Your Gravatar.com e-mail address or a photo of yourself for your biography. You may attach that as well.


We pay our writers!

Unique views are recorded for 30 days after your original or previously published article goes live. Payments are based on unique views and paid once you’ve met your threshold. Payments are sent via PayPal 30-90 days after your article is published. Your piece is promoted on Her View From Home’s social media platforms and we ask that you please promote your own pieces as well.  

Original Content:

  • 0-250 views:  $0
  • 250-500 views:  $5
  • 500-750 views:  $7.50
  • 750-1K views:  $10.00
  • 1K – 2K views:  $15.00
  • 2K – 3K views:  $30.00
  • 3K-4K views:  $60.00
  • 4K+ views:  $100.00

Previously Published Content: (we will include a link where your article was originally published)

  • 0-9,999 views: $0
  • 10,000 views+: $50

Her View From Home has the right to decide which articles to publish and/or pay. Articles must fit our mission. We now pay for original and previously published content. We will include a link to the original source in the previously published article on Her View From Home. By submitting your article, you are verifying that Her View From Home has the right to publish this submission. If Her View From Home chooses to run your articles, we will contact you with specific details on the next steps to take, within two weeks of submission. Restrictions may apply.  

*We try to respond within two weeks of your submission. Thank you for your patience!  Due to the overwhelming number of requests per day, please make sure to follow these guidelines. Writers who do not follow these steps will not receive a response.  Thank you for understanding! 


How to write a great article!

  1.  Write from the heart. Readers can tell if you write something just for the views. Instead, share your real emotions. Be genuine, be heartfelt, be you.  
  2.  Keep your article around 600-800 words or less.
  3.  If you are submitting food related posts, your photography needs to be top notch!  
  4.  Share, share and share some more!  Your friends and family want to read your story!  
  5.  Don’t compare. Your story is unique and awesome. You are unique and awesome. Remember that when you write.  

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Writers grant Her View From Home exclusive rights to original work for a period of 60 days.  This means your article can’t be published anywhere else (online or print) for 60 days after publication.  After the 60 days, writers may republish content as long as a direct link is included in the beginning paragraph of the article that states: This article was originally published on Her View From Home.  You must link your original article from HVFH in the text “Her View From Home.”  

*Some exceptions are allowed and some exclusions may apply.