1. We are mothers.

Yes, you could call us “young mothers” or “teen moms” but this is not the title, the stigma, we deserve (because yes, we know the negative stigma that comes with those words).

We are simply mothers. You would not call someone who became a mom in their late 30’s or early 40’s an “old mother,” would you? I think not.

2. MTV absolutely does not reflect the vast majority of us.

We are not constantly getting into screaming matches with our “baby daddy.” Quite often, we are still happily with them. In my case, I married him and I am very in love.

We are not partying every weekend, getting out of control drunk, or using drugs. We are spending most, if not all, weekends with our babies. Just like you.

We have not handed the responsibility over to our own mothers to raise our babies. That is simply not the case and really, a disrespectful assumption.

All in all, what you see on television is exaggerated and should not be the face that you put to our name.

3. We are wise beyond our years.

Our age is just a number. More often than not, we do not associate ourselves with that number, and we cannot see ourselves in the people our age. We have gone through many things, and grown so much. When you ask our age, that number will likely not reflect the age of our soul. We have just happened to live a few less years but we are just like you.

4. Number three leads us to here. We do not want or need your sympathy.

We are just moms raising our children. We do not need your sad eyes or grieving words. A beautiful life was made and we are proud of that. This little angel we carry around should not be a subject of grief, but of rejoice.

5. If you learn only one thing from my words, please take away this last bit. We are just as deserving of respect and acceptance as any other mother or woman.

Dirty looks in the mall and comments about who we are on social media will not help your growth or our own. We have gotten as far as we are now and although it may not have been the path you would have chosen for us, we have done it very well. We wake up late at night for feedings, change blow out diapers, and comfort crying little ones. Our youthful appearance does not deserve remarks such as, “babies raising babies.” We are mothers, and we just want to be accepted into that beautiful community.

Savanna Monroy

Savanna was born and raised in Utah. She lives there still, but now with her amazing husband and baby girl. Savanna is currently working and blogging while fulfilling her favorite duties of being a wife and mom. You can follow her journey as she advocates for normality for young mothers at http://meandmylittle.com/